World Pharmacists Day 2016. Why we care for you


    The World Pharmacist Day 2016 speaks a message of hope  and better health care delivery for to all patients.

    The world health sector is changing (and improving) everyday. Therefore all health professionals must step up his delivery method to get the best result in our patients; the patient must know about her condition, have the faith that she will recover and get healed after consultation.

    This is achieved by adding more knowledge, technology, ethics and zeal. Every cost of medical treatment deserve the best delivery from every health professional whether as a pharmacist, doctor, nurse, dentist, optometrist, physiotherapist, medical laboratory scientist, occupational therapist, psychologist, social welfare and so on.

    The World Pharmacist Day 2016 provides you with the following tips that will help you get the best treatment from your Pharmacist;

    • Trust your qualified health care professionals. All professionals have all it takes at their specialty to take care of you, and when cases get outside their scope, you are properly referred.
    • All your healthcare professionals work together to give you the best medical intervention at any particular time you visit hospital, pharmacy and other healthcare facilities available.
    • Involve the Pharmacist in your plans for regular health checkups to avoid the development of chronic health conditions.
    • Your Pharmacist help you with all necessary information on drug use, dosage, duration, indications, drug- drug interactions and drug-food interactions. They counsel you on how to avoid taking a drug that can affect another prescribed drug or even food that affect a drug you are taking at the moment. They also help you to plan the dosage of the drug with respect to how long it will take to complete the required dose of the drug.
    • We welcome feedbacks from every result you get after using a drug for any condition.
    • Avoid hiding information from your healthcare professionals especially if you have engaged in dangerous lifestyle practices. This will make it easy for diagnosis, dosage regimen and proper referral.
    • Be wary of quacks, they are increasing every day.
    • Respect your caregivers because they love you and spend sleepless night to see that you get better.

    Pharmacists remain committed to care for you and not just to give you the drugs and go home.

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