Infertility: Why men are not fertile these days



Health challenges are in several forms but reproductive problems cause be a very serious problem and the major cause is carelessness and lack of important information on the care and precautions in taking care of the reproductive system.

Infertility isn’t as common in the past but because of some basic factors is responsible for this situation.

When is a man infertile?

Infertility is the inability to produce sperm or produce enough sperm cells or even mobile sperm cells. Therefore infertility is viewed from the three measurable angles. Your physicians will focus on the causes of infertility or sterility to the type you experiencing.

The real reasons why men of today are not fertile?
  1. Yeast infection. Candida is a contagious infection with the ability to destroy your reproductive tracts, the epididymis and reduce production of sperm as it form colonies.
  2. Bacterial infections. Organisms like Streptoccus spp, Klebseilla spp, Pseudomonas spp, in the reproductive tract can affect the pH of the sperm cells and surrounding membranes making it difficult for the sperm cells to gain mobility when released into the vagina.
  3. Masturbation. Continuous mechanical stimulation of the penis will lead to over production of sperm cells and this alters hormonal control of sperm production.
  4. Anatomical dysfunction. A male with short penis or too inverted penis will find it difficult to produce enough sperms to cause an offerings as well as descended testes.
  5. Hormonal imbalance. Androgen and testosterone responsible for production of sperm and other associated sexual characteristics are always secreted in proper quantity to ensure production when united with the egg. Abnormal level of these hormones will limit your chances of having an offspring.
  6. Untreated medical conditions. Viral diseases like syphilis, mumps, can also reduce sperm production in the body.
How to overcome infertility?
  • Consult your doctor on the condition especially when there is a delay in pregnancy.
  • Treat any inherent infection even if you are not married.
  • Stop masturbation and be disciplined.
  • Always go for a medical checkup
  • Stay on foods like eggs, tomatoes, poultry, pomegranates, diaries, walnuts, beef, chocolates, whole grains and beans.

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