When a Snake bites, What should you do.


    Rainy season comes with a lot of bliss-the cool weather, accompanied by the breezy winds, the wet clothes and even the messy streets. Somehow, life feels more comfortable with the cold than the unrepentant heat that boils one’s skin without the sun. Not just for humans, even for the snakes. I like to imagine it is a time they come out from hiding to enjoy the coolness of gliding in the damp, cold soil. Sometimes they cross our paths or we cross theirs, and tha-dah one of us defends you or the snake

    When a snake bites, take a deep breath and get it RIGHT.

    R- Relax!!! Don’t be too anxious

    I- immobilize the limb

    Tie a sprint to the limb to make it as immovable as possible to reduce blood flow to and fro the site of bite

    G- Get

    H- Help

    Be very fast and smart about this, call an ambulance and if per adventure you are in a lone place scream out for help, make a Save Our Soul Call… just get help and get it fast!

    Transport to the hospital

    Get the victim to the hospital in the shortest time possible.

    BE CALM!!
    • Not all snake bites are poisonous; sometimes some poisonous snakes bite without releasing their venoms into the victim. Such is known as “dry bites”.
    • Radical measures such as tying the limb just above the site of bite is taken although this in itself could be disadvantageous as complications may arise from excessive blood loss and a higher risk of infection is usually associated.
    • Extreme radicals could suck out the venom from a snake bike using their mouths this is not medically advised although some claim to be experts. What if such a one swallows the venom?
    • Hydrate the patient as much as possible. Increase in intracellular and extravascular fluid volume is necessary for venom dilution.
    • Do not wait until victim begins to present with systemic disorders, non-coordination, muscle paralysis and Central Nervous system disorders. Act calm but act fast!


    Pharmacotherapy would include initiating patient on Anti Tetanus toxin, fluid irrigation, administration of polyvalent anti snake venom ( especially if snake specie is unknown), administration of adrenaline in the case of hypersensitivity reactions to the anti-snake venom, a short course anti histamine and corticosteroid would also come in handy.


    Snake bites should not kill, safe acts determine that…

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