what you must do to your mouth everyday

Oral health

The mouth is a gateway to so many things in the body; foods, drinks, drugs and so on. It is the first stage of the alimentary canal. Therefore a problem of the first stage can greatly affect the progress of other stages.

Care for the mouth

Your mouth also show how attractive you are; a microbe stricken mouth dispatches offensive odour and produce several oral diseases ranging from gingivitis, sores, tooth decays and many more.

Causes of Oral diseases
  • Smoking
  • Not eating well
  • Not taking enough water
  • Foods that impact mouth odour
  • Not brushing regularly
  • Bacteria from cavities and plaques which causes decay.
  • Not flossing
  • Not taking enough vitamins or lack of some vitamins in the body
Examples of Oral diseases

Bad breath (halotosis)

Oral sores

Tooth erosion

Tooth sensitivity

Gum diseases

Tooth decay

Oral cancer


How can you maintain a healthy oral hygiene and avoid these diseases?

  1. Always use a mouthwash. This practice is less common in so many countries in African and beyond probably because the people are yet to recognize the need to always use a wash for fresh breath and healthy oral cavity. It is interesting to let you know the use of mouthwashes has been since ages as the olden people use some solutions to rinse the mouth very early in the morning before using sticks.
  2. Importance of using a mouthwash
  • Removal of plagues.
  • Improved breath odour.
  • Inactivation of microbes by potent antibacterial in the mouthwashes.
  • Reduction in sensitivity and strengthen the enamel.
  • Removal of cavities.

3. Always take enough water. Water hydrates the mouth and prevents buildup of sediments because of the hydrolyzing effects.

4. Brush twice daily. Research has shown that in Nigeria more than 60 percentage brush once in a day. It can’t be over emphasized as brushing polish the tooth and clean up the surface of the enamel as well remove plagues and cavities.

5. Always see a dentist for check-up at least once in year to prevent development of chronic mouth disease like mouth ulcer, mouth cancer and severe tooth aches.

6. Eat a balanced diet always to get all necessary vitamins and minerals to avoid oralsores and other diseases.

7. Floss regularly to remove plagues and cavities in between the tooth.

8. Avoid some drugs. Drugs like tetracycline can cause stains of the tooth as they become deposited in the bones and teeth and bound with calcium, should not be given to children less than 12 years.

9.  Always take fruits and vegetables.

10. Quit smoking.

Abiding by these measures will help you have a healthy mouth any time and any day.


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