To Enjoy Healthy Sex: Things you must do

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Precaution before Sex

There are lots of myths to what is done before or after sexual intercourse. Folkloric tales also make waves as it still dictate the practice of people in Africa, Asia and other continents of the world.

Sexual intercourse is a candid practice that everyone at a time in life will attempt but carelessness can affect you after. Examples are sexually transmitted diseases, painful intercourse, unwanted pregnancy, and psychological trauma.

Let’s go straight into what a man must do before sex.


1. Prepare your mind you want to have fun. Inability to do this; is one of the reasons men experience premature ejaculation. Psychological preparation gives the zeal to stay longer on the bed and produce orgasm in your partner for as long as possible.
2. Ensure your blood pressure is well-regulated. Sex increases the chances of developing cardiac arrest especially if you have a history of cardiac arrhythmia or any form of coronary (heart) disease.
3. Have a shower to reduce metabolic pressure or imbalance and sweat which will reduce odour that could be unpleasant during or after sexual intercourse.
4. Check your latex. Ensure your latex is not perforated, well lubricated and strong enough to avoid tear during sexual intercourse.
5. Identify your partner’s desired postures. This prepares your mind to note how best you can make your partner enjoy sex.
6. Kill all distractions. Phones notifications, illuminations, curtains, bells rings; must be avoided because it can cut short the time of fun.
7. Fun play makes sex more engaging.


For women

1. Check your vaginal status. Observe whether you have an irregular flow or discharge due to infection.
2. Identify your contraceptive plan. This could be pills, depot injections or use of implants; ensure your implant is not displaced or contaminated. This will also prevent Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD).
3. Lubricate. In the case of a dry vagina or painful intercourse, apply a lubricant which will produce a soothing relieve in vagina.
4. Also take a shower and applying a deodorant before sexual intercourse.
5. Keep your mind free no matter your experience in the past.

Healthy sex life keep you fit and keep your brain vitalized.



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