What does Manix do?

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    The strength of a Man

    A man is literally measured based on some criteria and factors; it’s Anatomical makeup, responsibility wise (ability to manage physical/financial pressure) and sexual wise.

    A man as a matter of necessity must be able to produce healthy sperm cells and has a measurable level of libido in satisfying his spouse.

    What is libido?

    Libido is the level of desire to do sexual activities for as long as possible. Libido level might either be high or low but it’s associated with many factors.

    Low sperm counts

    The sperm is the fluid produced by a man; it fuses with the egg produced by a woman to form a zygote or offspring  that matures to a baby. The expected sperm count of a man is 15 million and above or 39 million sperm total per ejaculate.

    However, the state and number of your sperm cells is a very important factor that must be considered at any time. This is a good reason a man must always carry out a comprehensive reproductive checkup before and after marriage and especially if you have sex often and at a need to have children. Anatomical defects, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Masturbation; may predispose you to low sperm count if precaution is not taken.



    A couple of drugs in Africa are prescribed in premature ejaculation, low sex drive and Oligospermia but introduction of Manix has made it easy to see through the condition.

    Functions and Uniqueness of Manix

    A. It is a potent herbal supplement in improving low libido and sexual performance, also improves semen volume, sperm count and sperm motility in Oligospermic men. It has a unique effect on regeneration of damaged sex cells and a general restorative tonic.

    Some of Herbal constituents includes;

    1. Asparagus racemosus: a potent vitaliser (stimulates) and acts on ductless glands (pineal body, pituitary gland gonads).
    2. Tribulus terrestris: has saponins of the furostanole type with a high content of protodioscine, which stimulates spermatogenesis and libido. It also acts as a diuretic and removes toxic compounds through the kidney.
    3. Tinospora cordifolia: brings about regeneration of damaged cells and vitalizes the flow or fluids.
    4. Semecarpus anacardium: It also helps in regeneration and maturity of sperm cells
    5. Pueraria tuberosa: has ability to restore sexual potency.
    6. Cinnamomun tamala: a stimulant which controls the genital organs thereby toning up the entire system.
    7. Plumbago zeylanica:is powerful stimulator of generative cells and regulating seminal fluid and prostatic secretions.
    8. Elletaria cardamomum: It increases secretion at the genitalia and other system.
    9. Sesamum indicum: has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    10. Dioscorea bulbifera: It stimulates spermatogenesis (production of new sperm cells) and effect increase libido.


    B. It is well tolerated with no side effect even if taken for a year.

    C. Manix can still be used if you are on any anti-diabetic medication.   

    D. The dosage is one capsule twice daily for 40 days and could be extended in some patients for six months to a year.

    E. If you initially diagnosed the following conditions, work closely with your doctor and pharmacist; they include hernia, prostatic hypertrophy, liver dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, pituitary disturbances and renal stones.

     Manix has really produced a lot of result for Physicians in Africa, if you have any of these sexual challenges get Manix; then consult your doctor or pharmacist to achieve a good result.

    Live in good health and reproduce happily…

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