What are the supplements for the eye


    We treated supplements for two weeks so I wouldn’t give any introduction again on supplements. I would just go straight to the business of the day which is ‘Eye supplements’. Before I continue, I would like to say a good day to you my readers.

    Various body functions have varying supplement. The eyes also do have supplement and these supplements all help to make our eyes get better and they are:-

    1) Omega-3 fatty acids

    These include docosahexanoic acid(DHA), eicosapentanoic acid(EPA) and alpha linolenic acid (ALA). They are found in certain fish, nuts, flaxseed oil, egg, spinach and enriched dairy foods. They function to improve a syndrome called dry eye and help to lower age related macular degeneration in the eye thus helping to improve vision.

    2) Yeast

    Nutrients and vitamins contained there are good for the eyes comprising 18 amino acids and 15 different minerals (Brian Clem, June 2012)

    Lutein is contained in yeast and so is vitamin B12. 20 tablets per day in divided doses and it’s side effects include excess gas, bloating and migraine-like headaches.

    3) Lutein

    A carotenoid vitamin, hence related to vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin which is better absorbed when taken with a high fat meal.

    Foods rich in lutein include spinach, grapes and orange juice. It functions to filter light and hence helps the eye tissues prevented from sunlight damage(www.WebMd.com)

    3) Zeaxanthin

    One of the most common carotenoid found in nature.

    It gives corn its characteristic colour and that tells us zeaxanthin is considered in corn. Do you know that the name Zea mays is derived from the zeaxanthin content found in corn (the yellow corn).

    Supplement that is used in the treatment or prevention of early age-related macular degeneration..

    4) Mesozeanthin

    An isomer (like a chemical twin) of zeaxanthin. It is found in the skin of sardine and salmon fish. It is a very powerful antioxidant and functions to filter light like the two carotenoids written of above and to prevent also progression of eye disease.

    5) Bilberry

    A berry of the Ericaceae family, native to Europe though different from the blueberries in that they grow singly or in pairs and not in clusters and in appearance of their stalk.

    There is a myth about this magical berry. It was believed to improve night vision of British pilots during the second world war after eating the Bilberry jam for tea.

    Though research is still going on with these to or conclusive evidence that this berry and eyes supplement has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant thus helping conditions like retinopathy.

    6) Bioflavonoids

    Bioflavonoids of which examples include quercetin, rutin are termed the wife of a good husband as regards eye health issue.This husband is nobody else but vitamin C. Bioflavonoids are plant pigments which help the plant to attract pollinators. They are found also in a variety of citrus fruits. They have very high antioxidant property and prevent degradation of vitamin C in the body system. So can you see my nomenclature for bioflavonoids being a good wife to vitamin C is not wrong.

    Their antioxidant ability helps to fortify the eye and thus enhance eye vision development.

    As I give examples of pills in form of supplements, I would also give you supplemental advice about what you should or should not do to eye.

    These precautionary measures include:-

    1) Do not just irrigate your eyes always with eye drops; pouring chemicals into your eyes as you wish without an appropriate doctor’s prescription. Excess and indiscriminate use of eye drops could increase the intraocular pressure (i.e your eye pressure) and puts your eyes in a worsened condition that you never wished for. It is just like wanting to put off fire and adding fuel.

    2) Please not that supplements shouldn’t be used to replace your optician’s recommended eyes aid(glasses or lens) as these supplements would just aid the healing process.

    3) Incase of any unexpected or bizarre reaction with the use of any of these supplements, please do stop immediately. Let me give a brief on what happened to someone of such;

    She was diagnosed of shortsightedness and exposed to excess screen reflection ( personal computer and television set) and so decided a supplement would combat the situation. She used that supplement and after few days she noticed her eyeballs getting swollen and feeling heavy, on discontinuing the supplements she noticed there was a change for the better.

    On this note, I would almost end this article but would not until I drop some words in writing before I run off. It is a poem dedicated to Mr.Eye


    Shaped like a pie

    Important is Mr.Eye

    With him,I do the cry

    Whoever says she is worthless truly dropped a lie


    Why wouldn’t I care

    For him I wouldn’t just dare

    Can’t let my body’s light bare

    Of a certainty such love is rare


    Well,on this note I would now drop my pen for now. Do have a good and healthy week my dear readers and make sure you treat your eyes with care. Till next time on this page where we would run through supplements for a better skin.

    Embrace your health and embrace your wealth.


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