Why you should use Bromohexine for children cough

Cough in children

Cough is a common experience to children; and why is this so? Virtually every child every child will have contact with allergen like dust, cold, influenza, mist, air rush and so on. Every child will have cough at least once before age 3.

Other causes of cough are bacterial infection, asthmatic attack and lungs diseases. In other words cough is generally a sign of ill-health in a child’s body.

The Sputum

Sputum is produced as a result of bronchial secretion especially presence of foreign substances like bacterial, viral or allergens in the bronchial. It’s a mixture of the phlegm and saliva that could either pass through the mouth or the nostril; sometimes it could seem yellow, creamy and thick. Sputum is also used in the diagnosis of lung cancer at the respiratory compartment.

 What is Bromohexine?

A chemical substance which has ability to break sputum produced during cough; and used in managing bronchitis in children as well as adults. Its breakdown of acid micropolysaccharide fibres makes the sputum thinner, less viscid and easily removed by coughing out.

In children

Most children at the age of 5years and below find it difficult to spit out the sputum generated. The use of bromhexine makes it easier for the sputum to be broken and makes it less viscous for the child to vomit, spit out or even swallow (and excreted as a waste product from the body).

It is essential that parents use bromohexine in cough; and antibiotics when the cough is as a result of bacterial infection.

Facts with the use of Bromohexine

It is beneficial in managing cough variant asthma in children and adult with history of asthma anytime.

Bromohexine should be avoided at the first 3 months of pregnancy because research has shown it could be harmful.

It is non-drowsy; no side effect of such reported at the pharmacovigilance level.

Dosage is Adult &Children above 12 year is expected to use 10mls of the solution three times daily.

                  Children between ages 2- 5years are expected to take 2.5mls of the solution three times daily.

                  Children between ages 6-12 years are expected to take 5mls of the solution three or four         times daily.

Bromhexine should be explored by parent for children, remember they can’t talk and won’t be about to tell you what they are going through.


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