Tramadol and Sex: the menace in Nigeria

    Taking Medications

    Medications;  as explained in our previous articles alters the body system of every person. One of the most powerful things that can affect the life of an individual is the use of drugs.

    However, it can make you fine, misbehave and kill you in few seconds.

    Let’s talk about Tramadol

    It now on popular demand in African countries,used often by construction workers, security personals and now civilians especially youths in West African countries

    Tramadol is a opoid analgesic used in pains and has stimulant effect on the body; as directly act on the brain. It has ability to cause a rapid change in the body system after few seconds of taking it.

    It’s been reported that more than 20% of youths in West Africa take tramadol casually for so many reasons but top of it is the use for sexual rigor and time of fun.

    Why is tramadol on high demand?

    It’s simply because of its calming effect on acute to severe pains when compared to other analgesics as reported by people who stay on tramadol. It also doesn’t upset ulcer and as made it a drug of choice for physician.

    Another reason for the demand is because of its excessive stimulant effect, therefore so many people demand it for sex every time and go ahead to increase the dose of the drug.

    Its sedating effect also makes it a drug of choice for people battling insomnia; in other words they explore its side effects for management of the condition.

    The dangers of taking tramadol for sex
    1. When the drug is repeatedly taken for sex, it can destroy the natural pathway for production of neurotransmitters that mediate hormones involved in arousal and sexual pleasures.
    2. This can further damage the brain cells causing mental illness. Symptoms include hallucination, psychosis, bipolar affective disorder, delusion.
    3. Withdrawal symptoms: when there is no tramadol you could start experiencing these signs. They include chills, high temperature, restlessness, confusion, lethargy. Serious symptoms that could lead to death include slow breathing rate, and development of seizures.
    4. People taking tramadol have high tendency to abuse alcohol and concomitant use with tramadol will lead to fatal side effects in the body.
    5. Failure in therapeutic effect: repeated use of the drug leave to a loss of effect in the body making you to increase the dose and the more you increase the dose, the higher possibility of the drug to loss it effect within a short while.

    Stop using Tramadol with a medical supervision or therapeutic use. If you have any problem with this drug, see a Doctor or Pharmacist. You could also give us a call on +2348063529019, we will help you return back to your happy self.

    Stay healthy and live a peaceful life. Vetbest health Network loves you.

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