African’s life expectancy; Things we do that can make us die young

African Mandela

Deaths in Africa

The life expectancy in Africa is very low compared to other continent and this limited the growth of the continent as well as productivity. Many great minds have been lost because of the inherent nature of life in the continent.

The things that can make you die young

 Ignoring some serious signs and symptoms in your body

Some signs in the body might mean so many things; which is the fact that either there is a problem with an organ or there is a fault in the system or even the presence of foreign substances like organisms (pathogens), toxins or poison in the body. Ignoring them can latter lead to aggravation of the condition and cause death. For example when your urine bubbles, it might be because the kidney is weak or there is a presence of an infection or even too much of protein and soda drinks; it’s just advisable to take action on this signs.

                                                                      Postponing or avoiding medical checkups

Medical checkups provide you with so many life saving experiences. A lot of people have discovered sicknesses that don’t initially give symptoms (asymptomatic) like Hepatitis B and C, Weak kidney, cancer and acute prostate enlargement, liver cirrhosis and many more.

Some routine medical checkup can be easily done in primary healthcares, pharmacies and laboratories and proper referrals are easily made from there. Examples like Blood pressure, Glucose level, Body Mass Index (BMI) and pulse rate. At this level so counseling can be done by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical scientists.

Ignoring healthy tips from health information

There is a bad reading culture in Africa, despite so many professionals using so many means of getting health information to the patients through magazines, internet websites, and pictures. A lot patient still don’t read them and has lead to the death of so many people in Africa. Information is akin and it helps you initiate preventive and cure methods in the treatment of disease conditions. A lot of deaths would have been prevented if we consciously read this information provided for us by health professionals.

Accessing health information keeps you from visiting the hospital…

Not balancing work and rest

Inability to strike a balance between your busy schedule and rest time can lead to development of some conditions like stroke, depression, psychosis, anxiety and hypertension.

Rest refreshes the mind keep you mentally sound.

Not eating well

There is a popular saying that you are what you eat; the food you eat determines your energy level, boost the immune system from foreign substances that enter the body, keep the organs strong and functioning and prevent infections. Imagine when you experience the reverse of all these when you don’t eat balanced diet. This can lead you to the earl grave as soon as possible.


Dependence or addiction

Excessive intake of any substance will come back to hurt you and kill you. When the body is frequently subjected to harmful addictive substances like Narcotics, alcohol, benzodiazepines or any other substance can finally lead to death as the brain is affected on the long run.

Not keeping your environment clean

The way we treat our environment is the same way our surrounding will give back to us. I will suggest you read our previous article on healthy living; then you know how your environment can cause your death.

Generalized anxiety

The mind is a great that affects one’s thinking, decision and the ability for medication or a treatment to work. Inability to manage your mind for worries and other external forces lead to psychiatric symptoms like Schizophrenia, Bipolar affective disorder, Depression and so on.

Patronizing quacks

Quacks are arising in their numbers in Africa and you should beware, because they can change your life completely or kill your instantly with wrong model of treatment and also collect your money. Nigeria has recorded so many deaths because of quacks. Be wary of them; ask questions before any one treats you.

Not adhering to all the points mentioned above.

We believe the life expectancy in Africa will go higher.. Stay healthy and live long.


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