These are what happen when you take contraceptives alot


    Effect of the abuse contraceptives

    The use of Contraceptives is one of the beak through in science and health technology because when you imagine how the world would have been without it; ranging from unwanted pregnancy, abortion, population explosion and even maternal mortality; conversely in the issue of sexually transmitted disease.

    The negative effects of this discovery

    Birth control pills and injections are commonly prescribed in hospital and clinics; easily accessible in pharmacies and drug stores but the accessibility and ignorance of both the educated and non-educated has contributed to a situation that gives room for abuse of contraceptives especially by adolescents and youth population.

    This abuse could also be labeled for married people too but I will break it down as you read on.


    Abuse of contraceptives does the following to the body

    1. The use of all drug contraception can predispose you to cancer. The hormones like estrogen can cause endometrial cancer especially when abnormally high in the body. But it is to tell you that abnormal level of estrogen could be induced by the chronic intake of levogestrol .
    2. Migraine. It’s a form of headache which affects a particular half (hemisphere) of the brain with oral of vomiting and weakness. Migraine is capable of degenerating to serious ailment and even death. It’s been associated with chronic use.
    3. Irregular bleeding. It’s caused by hormonal inbalance in women which leads to continuous bleedings after the usually days of your menstruation.
    4. Unexpected breast milk discharge. The levogestrol leads to inbalance in prolactin (hormone responsible for breast) in the body leading to problems with fertility.
    5. Increased in the size of the uterine fibroid. If you have developed fibroid before; fibroid is an outgrowth in the uterus (called womb). Use of contraceptive can increase the size of the fibroid and make child-bearing difficult as well as prolong severe stomach pain later in life.
    6. In other words you put yourself at a big risk.
    7. It could shut your menstrual blood flow for a long time; both in married and single women.
    8. Reduction in bone minerals specifically on long-term use. These essential minerals include Calcium Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus and bicarbonate.
    9. And the most stressful effect is delay in return to full fertility.

    Ensure you work with a competent health care provider before using any type of contraceptive. they are good before the use must be under control.


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