Negative is Positive

    Who wouldn’t want to associate negativity to anything that is negative; in the real sense, every taste bud would rather prefer something sweet to anything bitter. Sweet Bitter leaf…

    Wow!!! please do not mind my manners. Good day to you my lovely and highly esteemed customers. Well, today we would discuss bitter leaf, the commonly eaten vegetable in Nigeria and some other countries whose botanical given name is Vernonia amygdalina.

    As bitter as the name might seem to sound, we would rather discuss the ‘sweet’ benefits of Bitter leaf or benefits of sweet bitter leaf.

    The Benefits of Sweet Bitter leaf

    1. As an effective antibacterial and antioxidant that aids the healing process of wounds. Bitter leaf placed on the wound as a substitute for iodine. Sweet bitter leaf antioxidant property could be attributed to the 51mg Vitamin C in 100g of its leaves (Leung et al, 1968)

    2. In Zimbabwe, a root infusion (i. e soaking the root in water for a long time to extract its nutrients) is used to treat sexually transmitted disease.

    3. It is believed to have Antidiabetic property because of the synergistic power between its constituents (Reginald N, 2010). However, this does not state that bitter leaf should be used to completely replace Antidiabetic medication that must have been prescribed by the physician.

    4. The Ethanolic extract of Bitter leaf is also known to have antimalarial activity after a research was carried out on blood samples of children and adults who had not been treated of malaria in two weeks (Sha’a K. K et al, 2010)

    5. Bitter leaf is also known to have lipid lowering effects. So for those still having high cholesterol, the use of the vegetable Bitter leaf cannot be overestimated. (Oluwatosin. A et al, 2008)

    However, with these magical and sweet benefits of Bitter leaf I would not end this article if I do not state some very important precautions which are:-

    Cautions with Sweet Bitter leaf

    1) Do not replace prescribed medication for Bitter leaf

    2) Ensure the use of Bitter leaf is hours before or after medication to avoid every unwanted drug interaction

    3) While taking Bitter leaf, ensure the functionality of your vital organs are in check especially those with chronic ailments. Examine your blood pressure level, blood sugar level and even the cholesterol level routinely. You do not want to ever get into that state of ‘hypo’.

    4) Because the toxicity and dosage levels of most herbals have not been ascertained as researches are still on-going with most of them. I would personally advise that safely eating after proper cooking is of the best option for now. I would not want you my dear readers to endanger yourself in the process of trying to keep yourself safe.

    So my lovely readers; hope you have enjoyed this sweet benefits of Bitter leaf. Till next time on this page. Stay safe

    For any issue with your health feel free to Call or Whatapp chat Sayo Ekundayo on +2348025301622 or Tope Ijaola on +2348063529019.

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