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Fear not my readers this is not any film industry but rather the conclusive part of last week’s article on this page. Good day to you my dear readers. How are you doing? Last week I promised to continue this week’s article with ‘Tips to surpass those drug flaws’ based on the group you belong to.

If it seems you are lost, then why not retrace back to reading last week’s article so you would have an understanding of what you are going through on this week’s article.

Together we would go through the solution tips for each group.


1) Always bear in mind that the benefit of the drug when taken is preferable to the risk of noncompliance

2) The bitterness of the drug would not last forever though duration of unwanted drug taste differs depending on the chemical constituent as well as the excipient of the drug.

3) If the drug dosage regimen (timing) is not convenient, you could explain to the caregiver for another drug you could better adjust to but if no other option, you could set an alarm or human reminder.

Always remember that your health is most paramount to You.

4) Some drugs must run their full treatment course so do not always be in a haste to get results.

Have often heard patients on antibiotics who would stop their treatment course of about 5 days after just the second day on the drug with claims that the drug did not work. Worst case scenarios are those on antimalarials. In the six-dosing of artemether and lumefantrine combination, a patient would complain after just the first dose that the drug did not work. My dear non-compliant patient, I want you to know that every dose has its function. Most first and second doses are used to pave way for effective working of the remaining doses so it might almost seem that they are really not doing anything.

Always know that for every time you don’t to that drug your body is not happy with you but the ‘enemies’ (parasites,bacteria and other disease causing organisms) are pleased with you. In the football field, this is usually called ‘home goal’. Hurting yourself, not bringing any good upon yourself.


1) Always believe you are healthy when you are completely in sound health.

2) Have a positive mindset towards your health. Do not always believe that at every point especially when nothing is wrong with you that you are unhealthy.

3) Do regular health checks to give you a proof that you are healthy

4) Sometimes all you need is a little rest and good diet. It does not always have to be drugs all the time.

My dear hypochondriac patient, of course I agree that good health is good life not disputing the fact that your health should be given such great importance and attention. The problem is obsession with this desire and having undue fear to extent of harbouring wrong imaginations of illness that was never in your system is serious trouble.

So fear not my friends. Sound health is attainable by you. Do not always believe in an ill state.


Last week while discussing this group of patient, I mentioned that there was a clause to their condition. I would start my discussion on this before going into the resolving tips.

In every drug production firm, every drug has its own recipe. What is essential is that its active ingredient meets assay, microbiological and clinical standards.

Let us go a bit deeper

Every drug has two components, the active component and the excipient. Every brand of a drug has the same measure of the active ingredient, however the excipients like the buffering agent, coloring, flavoring, diluent differs. Standards make sure there is uniformity such that the difference in each brand (from the differing excipients) does not affect the expected efficacy of the drug. In essence, that means Drug 1 by Company A must work like Drug 1 by Company B ensuring that brand selectivity is usually not necessary.

So for every brand selective patient,

1) Every drug is the same though brands might differ except in special cases known to the physician where a specific brand is prescribed to a patient.

2) Do not go after names, go after the drug.


1) Ensure every herbal drug purchased has necessary identification from regulatory bodies.

2) In cases of severe renal and liver problems, please consult physicians before the purchase of any herbal drug even if it is just a supplement.

3) Ensure your physician is not ignorant of any herbal drug you are consuming especially when you are on other drugs to avoid drug interactions.

4) In cases of chronic ailments, do not completely replace herbal supplements without informing your physician.

5) Toxicity level and proper dosage is still a major concern with herbal drug consumption so always make sure that you get your physician informed.

Dear Mr$Mrs.Herbal patient please be careful because as natural and less harmful herbs might look, do not just take them without consulting your physician.


O thou dear poly pharmacy patient, I would start by informing you that the cure to every illness is not directly proportional to the number of pills you swallow.

1) There is something called ‘drug-drug interaction’, so always know that when swallowing numerous pills unsupervised you could either be:-

i) Destroying your organs unknowingly

ii) Using two drugs or more that reduce each others efficacy.

2) On every meeting with your physician, always ensure your health care provider knows your drug history.

3) Sometimes different packs do not necessarily mean different drugs. They could be same generic but different brand so be wary of this.


Reading all this, I believe I have not just shown you the way to the light of proper drug usage (with last week’s article) but have given you the light of proper drug usage with this week’s article which is the conclusion.

My dear readers, it is my joy to know you would adhere to these rules for better outcomes in your health.







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