The Beauty of taking Coconut.


It is a special fruit with waterproof outer layer and stone-like covering. It is also popular because of his special nature of producing water internally. This water proved by scientist to have medical effects mentioned in this piece. Its uniqueness and th prestige religious bodies place on it; as a sacred fruit that aids spiritual and physical healing.

One fact is that every fruit (or food) has a unique nature which also reflects in their chemical and biological activities on the body.

Chemical Constituents that makes coconut special

Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin C and small amount of Vitamin B complex are the essential constituents of coconut that greatly benefit your body.


How Coconut can help you
  1. It is very beneficial for Ascites Treatment.

Ascites usually is accompanied by symptoms like swelling in the stomach due to fluid accumulation. Coconut water is most beneficial in the management as swelling and pain reduces.

  1. Reduces Acidity and Relieve in Ulcer.

When acidity reduces, ulcer pain goes down as endogenous acids produce corrode the walls of the stomach or duodenum. A matured dried coconut actively reduces acid secretion in the alimentary canal especially in the stomach to provide a first aid relief to the patient.

  1. Intestinal worms.

A tablespoonful of the freshly ground coconut taken at breakfast, followed by a dose of castor oil (after three hours) is effective to eradicating all forms of worms in the body.

  1. Digestive Disorders.

It also helps to naturally resolve digestive disorder; disorders which includes indigestion, colitis, diarrhea, piles and dysentery. Regular intake helps to prevent any form of occurrence.

  1. Urinary Tract Disorder.

The coconut water is valuable in urinary tract disorder as it as a natural diuretic effect on the heart, liver and kidney disorders. Symptoms resolved include scanty and suppressed urination, albuminuria in protein presented with urine, dropsy and high acidity of urine.

  1. Skin Treatment.

The oil extracted from the flesh of the ripe nut is effective dressing for burns and wounds. Some companies us the oil in making creams and other ointments. It comes as coco butter, which is very good for reddening and warming the skin. Coconut butter is also applied on the hair to darken it; making it more attractive and kill germs in the hair.


Balanced diet is incomplete without Coconut; also use it at home as a trusted remedy …..

Vetbest Health Network cares for you and your family and so we want you to live long and be healthy….



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