Stress: The Meaning and the Types

types of stress

The term stress is a complex topic which cannot be discussed in a single and short article except you are set for a long read. Anyway, I am not prepared to bore you with a long post, it’s going to be in form of a series. Don’t rush, we will finish the series in due course. Let us get ourselves acquainted with what it’s actually is.

The term stress as it is currently used medically was coined by Hans Selye in 1936 who defined it as “The non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. However, The American Psychological Association categorizes it as;

1. Acute stress: Short term reaction to immediate event (referred to as fight or flight response).

2. Episodic acute stress: It is prevalent among those individuals who are always in a rush and tend to take on too many tasks at one time.

3. Chronic stress: A type that occurs over a long period of time from either internal or external stressors such as a demanding job or work schedule, death of a loved one or financial problem.

But this write-up and a series yet to come after this would be mainly built on chronic stress.

With the world’s growing demand for economic growth regardless of recession; man in one way or the other has had to put extra effort to make end’s means. Even those at the top of the social circle are not left out because history keeps repeating itself as the death of many of the ‘rich’ is as a result of chronic stress-induced ailments.

A handful of recent prescriptions are more from ailments brought upon by stress as compared to other factors. A friend of mine that visited Lagos from another state would always say the

Metropolitan-induced stress in Lagos accounts for fifty percent of psychotic disorders as some people aren’t fit to handle the stress. Even adaptation and work acclimatization is not enough to fight this monster called stress.

Chronic stress induced ailments include diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, ulcer, sexual dysfunction, psychotic states, insomnia amongst others. In series to come, we would be discussing each of these ailments as attached to stress so stay close and stay tuned as you wouldn’t want to miss out.

I would sign out for this week by saying,” Have days devoid of stress and if that is unavoidable manage your it well with adequate rest and a proper diet”.

Ekundayo Oluwasayomi, Health Counsellor, MPSN
Ekundayo Oluwasayomi is a young Pharmacist known for her creative writing skills which she now combines to counsel patients across Africa. She is a passionate community pharmacist dedicated to the live-well campaign of VetBest Health Network.
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5 years ago

Actually, we can't rule out stress from our life cause stress & life goes hand in hand but it can be well manage by not procrastinating, i mean doing the right thing at the right time so that we can have more time for rest to freshen up for the next task ahead. Lovely piece of write up Dear, more power to your elbow.

Mathew Olusayo, Diabetes Educator; CDE

Thanks Joel. You are absolutely right. Doing the right thing at the right time is actually the starting point.