Cough and catarrh; Standing firm in the season of flu



The truth about Flu (influenza)

Nasal congestion caused by flu infection happens every season of the year, but increase in prevalence occurs at a particular period of the year which can bring serious episodes of discomfort. Virtually more than 40% of the population suffers from flu related condition especially people in the tropical region.

                                                                 Complications of flu

Some patients are wrongly diagnosed of Malaria, typhoid fever and some other related conditions because the signs and symptoms are similar to influenza.

Poorly treated influenza can lead to conditions like Hay fever (or purulent allergic rhinitis), excessive nasal discharge congestion, headaches, severe cough, Asthma, Pneumonia, ear infection and strep throat.

Why we fall down with flu?

People contract flu especially in the tropical areas in Africa and Nigeria because of Weak immune system, poor healthy life style and exposure to flu agents

Common signs and symptoms of flu


Fatigue and weakness

Nasal congestion

Chills and sweats

Aching muscles especially in your back, arms and legs

Dry persistent cough


Sore throat

Tips that can help you stand firm during this flu period

  1. Work on your immune system: a weak immune system directly predispose you to flu attacks and the full manifestation of the signs and symptoms. You can work on your immune system by use of supplements that will boost your immune system.
  2. Use of warm water: these helps to manage the early signs of influenza. Early signs like itchy throat, nasal discomfort are resolved. Taking warm water will helps you stand tall.
  3. Use eucalyptus oil: this oil is one of the best miracles discovered for management of flu and other nasal discomfort. Direct inhalation or steam inhalation will cure all symptoms and signs experienced in influenza. My research through encounter with patients has shown that it is capable of resolving a full blown influenza at any particular time.
  4. Ensure you wear thick cloths: block your nose, ear often or stay at home. Flu is always present in air droplets which are inhaled through several sensory openings in the body like nose, ear, mouth and others. Therefore it is advisable to stay indoors or protect these openings with thick clothes if you will be going out.
  5. Take fruits regularly: fruits help to build the immune naturally as well as cure influenza at any stage too. Fruits include lime, oranges, grapes, onions, fenugreek, and ginger drink
  6. Gargle with salt water: a sore or scratchy throat is apt to company influenza. Get some relief and wash out any secretion that is collecting in your throat- by gargling with salt water solution according to Mary Ann Pane, R.N Nurse Clinician, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
  7. Stay away from cold food and drinks.

Stay healthy always ………


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