5 important signs you may experience when your delivery is near



Every pregnant woman has this thought from the first week of conception, but it is a very interesting experience as mothers share with me. You can actually choose to say having a baby is sweet or sour depending on your mind-set and how you managed the experience through pregnancy.

This piece is to impact the knowledge of what your wife will experience when the baby is few weeks or days to delivery.

Essence of Antenatal

We offer you the best information as a proper guide for antenatal; in maintaining pregnancy. In pregnancy it’s very important to encourage early detection, take precautions, and proper monitoring. This is because at all level of the antenatal; proper precautions must be taken to avoid problems and threatening conditions be controlled.

Vetbest helps you allay fears of expected and unexpected strange experiences in pregnancy and delivery as well after delivery. It is a great advantage to visit an antenatal clinic and stay abreast we our log of information for healthy living.

The signs to expect when your baby is ready for delivery
  1. A feeling of the baby about to fall down the belly. This feeling occurs between 2-5 weeks to delivery and some hours to delivery. It virtually means the baby has re-adjusted her position to the pelvic region of the body making it easy to come out when you are ready to release the baby out of the vagina.
  2. Cramps and back aches. This happens few hours to delivery or between a week to the time of delivery and it’s a sign of contraction of uterus as at this time, and more oxytocin hormones produced in the body for more contraction of the uterus which also makes it easy for the baby to push out through the vagina.
  3. Vaginal discharge with bloody stains or slightly clear appearances. This equally occurs like 3-14 days to labour and it’s a result of the mucus that cover off the cervix pushes out as dilation began to occur. Therefore do not be scared of mucus secretion when your date is near.
  4. Watery discharge from the vagina. This occurs ordinarily during labour as the amniotic fluid which contains so many food nutrients the baby lives on bust out. The bust of amniotic fluid could also occur few minutes or hours before delivery. Always call for an emergency treatment when this happen because amniotic fluid bust can predispose your baby to infection.
  5. A feeling to visit the toilet at one time or the other. That is a result of the uterus contraction radiating to the anus.
  • Take note of these signs.
  • Complain to a health care professional as soon as possible.
  • Live a healthy life style during your pregnancy period.
  • Stay close to sources of information.
  • Never panic over any occurrence in pregnancy.
  • Always consult your pharmacist or doctor before using a drug.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take enough water, vegetables and fruits as well carbohydrate meals.

You will deliver with smiles….Vetbest loves you and your baby to stay alive..


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