Get Motivated: 10 Remedies for Aches in Arthritis

age and arthritis

More than seventy percent (70%) of the elderly people that come for counseling complain of pain at one or two parts of the body. This ailment has been described by experts has the oldest ailment on earth.


Arthritis is an inflammation of any joint in the body; joints of the knee, hips, ankle, spinal column and feet. Even though there has been some new drug technology for arthritis and surgery, but if you have it or you know someone has it, get these tips in mind to manage arthritis.

Before we jumpstart on the 10 remedies for aches in arthritis, I will like to enhance your understanding about arthritis; do age and gender makes a different in arthritis cases? There is no clear relationship between gender, age and arthritis, but one thing is evident in Africa, the older you get, the weaker your leg joints, which is largely due to series of unhealthy activities while our cells are still young. This can contribute to the probability of having arthritis when an individual grow older.

arthritis hand pain

Now straight to the business, if you have been diagnosed of having of having arthritis, I believe you have been placed on medications already, for your medications to be 100% effective and reduce the pains you might experience, I have compiled a list of 10 remedies that I think will help you reduce the pain of arthritis. Meanwhile, you have to play your part in the balance to ensure this remedies works for you. After all, It doesn’t add to your daily workload, and there is no arm in trying out a new things, most especially if it will help better your health.

“now the 10 remedies”

Lose weight, gain relief

Over weight is a prominent factor in arthritis especially osteoarthritis. The more you lose weight the higher the possibility of relief.

Reduce stress

People who have control over the circumstances of their life especially day -to- day activities can manage pain better. Having a relax approach to everything will help to recover from arthritis faster.

Apply muscle ointment before going to sleep at night

This will help to relieve the pain you experience when you wake up.

Regularly immerse the painful part of the body in water

This helps to reduce pains too because at this process endorphin are released which are natural pain killers.

Apply ice to prevent pain

Ice is very essential when the joints and muscles have been stressed from overuse or over work.

Engage in aerobic exercise

Examples are walking, cycling or swimming because they don’t traumatize the joints. Just do try the one that fits you.

Avoid foods like white potatoes, egg plants, tobacco and many tomatoes.

Massage regularly

According to hand on experts, work on the muscles connected to the tendon leading the painful joints. For example if you have arthritis in your hands, then work on the form arms from the wrists to elbow using a compression technique.

The compression method involves the use of the thumb or the lower elbow to press down on the muscle and hold to several seconds.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C, fish oil, and vegetable oil.

Take carrot and carrot juice, they help to reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

Do you really want to get rid of that arthritis pain, then follow this 10 tips.

I hope this helps!


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