climate change

The cries of all because of the effect of global warming has been heard everywhere as climatic change has been its major effect. Years ago, periods and duration of seasons could be predicted but presently; that has become a tale of the past as it has now become history. Beside there is increased melting of the sea ice due to the earth’s warming, temperatures have become more reduced in the Western Europe. In the United States, even the winter temperatures have somewhat become warmer. More so, the sub Saharan Africa has now had to suffer hotter seasons than ever before.

This global warming, which has led to climatic changes every day in all parts of the world is however not only just sourced from the effects of natural factors but also from man’s role which cannot be underestimated considering the rate of burning of fossils fuels which is the major medium by which man affects his climate.

The burning of fossils fuels releases carbon dioxide, which in turn helps to contribute to the issue of the problematic climate changes that are being experienced. So, that is to say that the radiation in the rate of burning of fossil fuels helps to reduce global warming.

What a paradox in life! Man the main contributory factor to climate change is also the solution to the same problem of climatic changes.

Nevertheless, the use of renewable energy source as against burning of fossil fuels has become something to reckon with, as it is one of the proffered solutions to the climate change problem. According to Wikipedia, “Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat”.

Aside from the benefits of renewable energy sources to the climate, It also has an added advantage in developing countries because it is more economical.

Some oil producing firms has however taken a step ahead by beckoning on the three tiers of government to develop legislative and regulatory frame works that would help drive renewable energy use.

Another important means to battle climate change troubles is reduction in deforestation rate and carbon released from the use of dirty fuels such as is used in the use of firewood to cook and kerosene stoves. Food consumption is Man’s most prioritized necessity and so, just imagine if all homes reduced the rate of carbon emission by replacing cooking through a medium that increases carbon emission with the use of a cooking stove with a cylimed burner and gas that is affordable and effective.

The oil producing firms and Lift Above Poverty Organization (L.A.P.O.) microfinance Bank entered into a partnership agreement to make available safe loans to purchase liquefied petrol gas for low income households.

In conclusion, the remedy to this unending problem of climate change lies in our hands. So let us join hands to help reduce global warming and in effect the worsening climactic change and thus help reduce emissions by at least 50% by 2035.


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