If you urinate often, this is the reason!

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Why Do you Urinate So often?

Frequent urination is an experience that could be scary and unpleasant especially when traveling. This is to help you downplay the fear and also know the urgent action to be taken when you affected adversely.

It could be in two categories. The first would be related to an increase in total volume of urine produces (also known as polyuria). Second, there can be dysfunction in voiding whereby there are problems with the storage and emptying of urine

This same situation can cause insomnia in people and fear of taking water (hydrate) at a particular time. Some condition could potentially cause excessive urinating, but as you read on, you get a clearer picture of why we experience frequent urination.

All females should also be aware of excessive urination because it could be mistaken for a serious medical condition. And as important as it is to note the frequency of urinating, it is equally important to know the content of the urine because the content determines the tensile strength of some basic organs at the urinary system, for example, the kidney, bladder, prostrate and urethra.

These are the reasons you urinate often

  1. Hydration. When you take a large quantity of water after food or early in the morning and especially during humid weather, you are expected to urinate more the once or pass large quantity of urine at a single period. The body has a water of regulating the amount of water intake and output by process called Homoestasis, but If it’s obviously otherwise, an urgent attention must be taken.
  2. Urinary tract infection. In this condition, the person’s frequency of urinating increases. Accompanied with stomach pain or discomfort, fever and chills. An urgent need should be taken by visiting a Physician.
  3. Diabetes. Abnormal high sugar level (diabetes) in the body system can lead to frequent urination. In fact, abnormal large amount of urine is often regarded as an early sign of type-1 and type-2 diabetes. See a physician without thinking twice.
  4. Prostate enlargement. This is why it’s very important to always carry out routine checkup like prostate function test. An enlarge prostate can press against the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body) and block the flow of urine. This causes the bladder wall to become irritable. The bladder begins to contract even when it contains small amount of urine causing more frequent urination.
  5. Pregnancy. Pregnancy can also cause frequent urination because the uterus places pressure on the bladder leading to more frequent urination.
  6. Diuretic use. Diuretics are drugs used to remove excess fluids from the body and are employed in the management of high blood pressure and kidney related condition. It is a normal effect of the drug to experience frequent urination at any point in time but this reduces after some time as the drug level reduces in the body.
  7. Stroke and other neurological diseases. Damage to nerves that supply the bladder can lead to problems with bladder function, including the frequency and sudden urge to urinate.

Bladder cancer, bladder dysfunction, and radiation therapy are also cardinal in frequent urination.

Regular checkup keeps you from problems and makes your mind healthy.



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Tope Ijaola Rapheal, MPSN; Creative Head.
Tope Ijaola Raphael is the Creative Head of Vetbest Health Network. He is a Dynamic Community Pharmacist in Ogun State. He derives joy in Helping People Live a Healthy Life. For further Interactions. Connect with Him Here.
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