Covid-19: People that won’t contract it

    The Pandemic in view

    The Globe still battle with the pandemic situation of Covid-19 infection ; that have killed thousands of people in Asia, Europe, Australia, America and Africa at exponential rate. The unfortunate fact about this condition is that it came unexpected; few signs or warnings came to everyone at the beginning and or end of the year; the news was just twenty died today and it kept increasing everyday and entered other countries.

    Another thing is that eradicating the virus causing infection hasn’t been established, only symptoms are treated through management of cough, fever, breathing difficulty and opportunistic infections that occurs; because you know when virus hits the body system, other infections set in.

    It is also a surprise that countries with high hygiene and standard health system are most affected but countries with poor health system have also had a little share of the pandemic.

    People that will never have the Covid-19 infection

    1. People who has made it a habit of taking the natural things in the past. The immune system is a factor that prevents people from going down with the infection. People who take lemon, carrot, ginger and garlic regularly will definitely have a strong immune system; because of the antioxidants present in the fruits. Aside from this, the fruits have clinical played a great rule in managing hypertension, diabetes and kidney care. Therefore they are more likely to survive this period.
    2. People who are naturally conscious of the environment they are at any time. This group of people hardly touch the wall or stir case railings, use tissue papers often; touch some public places; they intentionally avoid indirect inhalation with anyone who stays close to them.
    3. People who take Vitamin C often Vitamin C provides a lot of benefits to the body system; in fact anyone who takes supplement stands the test of infections or any other sickness despite the business schedule and also because you can’t get all vitamins from the food you eat.
    4. People who hardly stay in crowded environment. The use of social distancing and staying home; which is been adopted has reduce the spread of the infections in many countries. This people get very uncomfortable when people are too much in a place and also rubbing shoulders with each other.
    5. People who hydrate and believe in hot steam bath.

    Please do well to apply these measures that can prevent you from the infection and stay safe for proper recovery of our economies.

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