Nutritious Meals You Can Take in Restaurants


What do you know about Nutritious Meals?

Today, we are going to be talking about what is healthy for you when you eat out.There are times when one feels like eating out. At other times,one has to eat out. You may be in a hurry and cannot get an homemade meal or on the road and hungry. We need quick food a lot of times.

So, how  do we eat healthy while eating out? The trick is to bypass high-calorie menu items and instead order off the menu or ask for wholesome twists on the restaurant’s dishes. We all know you can always trust a Salad. But is that your only healthy option when eating out? Nah

“When it comes to fast food, “healthy” basically means food that offers you a decent combination of macronutrients, without going overboard on calories or potentially harmful things (like sugar or sodium, for people who have high blood pressure). The key here is moderation, with ideally some benefits if possible.” – Carolyn Kylstra

Seafood is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, so any grilled fish option with a couple of green veggie sides will always be your best bet on this menu. Why? Fish that’s fried or prepared in sauce could contain hidden fats. Also, Salad with grapes, chicken breast, cheese, walnuts, raisins, and organic apples… Hmmm, Yummy.

Let’s see some meals that are nutritious and healthy in restaurants.

Spiced cooked-fish


Seafood that is grilled, baked, or braised with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, chiles, olives, lime, cinnamon, clove, and bay leaves is yummy and healthy. Garlic boosts immunity, and the antioxidants in tomatoes and cinnamon help lower bad cholesterol.


Cook-ShrimpShrimp and Broccoli

“Cancer-fighting broccoli is a great source of vitamins C and A as well as folate and fiber,”

Margolin says, while shrimp has less fat and fewer calories than chicken or beef.

oatmealOatmeal with Fresh Fruits and Condensed Milk

Oatmeal is fiber fabulous, fruits will provide vitamins and antioxidants, walnuts supply almost all your daily omega-3 fatty acids, and a little condensed milk won’t kill you.


Others are



*Bread with a bowl of beans or vegetable soup

*Protein rich eggs and salad

*chicken breast, a baked potato and dinner salad.

*beans, rice, and veggies

*chicken or salmon, salad, or any steamed fresh fish

So, the next time you decide to eat out, do it healthily and take your pick. See you next week.

If you know of any other meal in restaurants that is healthy, please comment and let me know your thoughts.To a healthier You!



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