Reasons You Should Never live without Honey


It is a viscous fluid with aromatic odour and sweat acrid taste produced by the bee (natural origin). it is also called a miracle substance which produces so many natural effects on the body. It doesn’t get spoilt easily and has been in use for ages and daily research is also done on this substance.

In one of my experiments, honey also showe some tremendous action with Vitamin C despite containing some minute quantities of Vitamin C. the benefits can’t be over-emphasized and in these piece I’m going to prove to you why living without honey is putting yourself in danger.

Why you should live without honey?
  1. 1. It prevents the growth of bacteria. In the olden days, the Egyptians and Greeks use it to embalm their dead because of it strong antibacterial (antibiotic) effect. Experimental procedures have also shown it many times to have unbelievable antimicrobial action. It therefore over-powers micro-organisms present in the body and boost the immune system.
  2. Honey builds heamoglobin in the body and largely rich in Iron, Copper and Magnesium. Instead of chasing blood syrup when you fall sick, you could just making taking honey a habit which will keep your blood level high over a long period. It’s recommended in the long-term management of Anemia and  sickle-cell children.
  3. It is very essential in treating irritating cough. This is because it has demulcent and soothing effect on the respiratory tract especially the inflamed mucus membrane; it is present in some of the potent cough syrups by Pharmaceutical industries.
  4. It promotes activity of the bowels. Taking honey therefore prevent condition like indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and piles. In addition it helps to promotes easy removal of toxins from the body through urination and stools.
  5. It strengthens the heart and veins that supplies blood to the heart. These activities make it a recommended regime for treatment of arteriosclerosis and a weak heart.
  6. Sleeplessness. Do you have problem having a sound sleep because of stress or any other underlying medical condition. Take some shot of honey and mix with food. Its hypnotizing effect remains essential in treating insomnia.
  7. Oral diseases. It helps to preserves the mouth from the growth of micro-organisms. Healthy gums; guaranteed when you take honey regularly and some scientists are busy working on the research in Ogun state Nigeria.
  8. Eye disease. Honey is excellent for various eye ailments;  prevention of cataract formation, itching of the eye and Glaucoma. Two grams of onion juice and honey; mixed together and kept safe in a clean bottle. It is then applied locally to the eye with a glass rod.
  9. Old age. Ability to give energy and relieve in the throat make old age bearable and keep you strong
  10. Sexual debility. It increases sperm production and sexual stimulation; it influences fertility of women and the virility in men. Boil three parts of water with one part of honey until two-thirds remains.

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