What you need to know when taking care of your aged people


Old age and Challenges

After a lifelong of hard work and labour, there will be a gradual depletion of energy and tensile strength of organs, tissues and system. It would become increasing difficult to do so many activities.

Age and lifestyle

These two factors decide how geriatric will be able to cope at old age. The food you take often; your delicacies and activities you engage in show how you will feel as years roll by.

The common geriatric diseases
What you can do?
  1. Get them a personal Doctor, Pharmacist and Nurse. This is very essential as a specialist become conversant with her history and treatment be easily initiated successfully. A good knowledge of the aged history will also prevent poly pharmacy and life style change could also be easily adjusted.
  2. Encourage them to always use their medications and supplements. Compliance with medications help aged recover faster from any ailment. This also prevents abrupt stoppage of some particular medications; such as Antihypertensive drugs because stopping can lead to therapeutic failure making high blood pressure worse.
  3. Advice to always stay on natural foods. Fruits and vegetables help to prolong life and give strength to weak organs in the body. Blood formation is also guaranteed from natural meals like honey, mango, banana and onion.
  4. Encourage light aerobic exercise. For the aged exercise when appropriate helps in vasolidilation through the veins and stretches the bones and muscle to avoid stiffness.
  5. Teach them to avoid the following meals. Salty meals, sugary foods, red meat, fats and oils and food microwaved in plastics.
  6. Beneficial activities. Keep the aged busy with activities like reading (if possible), listening to old jamz and other programs on the radio, watch television and play their favourite games. Activities like these helps to refresh their mind; prevent anxiety and depression as well. It also helps to improve mental functions such as in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.
  7. Be careful in giving them any bad news. These could suddenly produce a negative impact on their health status causing them to fall down with series of ailments.
Supplements for elderly people

Gingkobiloba, Fish oil, folic acids, Encephabol, Ferrous sulphate, Calcium, Chromium and Lecithin. Also consult your closest Pharmacist…

We love our elders, they gave their best to make life easy for us today…Vetbest Health Network Cares.


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