Natural Remedies for Removing Stretch Marks – Part 2

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Hello Everyone, I hope you were able to learn more on stretch marks from our last session. Honestly, stretch marks can be very frustrating, irritating and annoying. When the skin is overstretched due to various reasons such as losing or gaining weight suddenly, the production of collagen is disrupted. Collagen is the main protein that is found in the connective tissue and it is essential to keep the skin taut. When the production process is disrupted, the skin lacks the required support and will end up tearing. This eventually results into a scar which is known as stretch marks.

Below are the concluding natural remedies for stretch marks.



Castor oil is usually used in the treatment of several skin problems including wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, fine lines, and pimples. It can also be used to get rid of stretch marks.


Apply some castor oil to the affected area and gently massage the area in a circular motion for five to ten minutes.

Wrap the area with a cotton cloth. Apply some heat to the affected area using a hot water bottle for thirty minutes. Repeat this process daily until you notice a positive result.



Aloe vera is very effective in treatment of many skin problems. Its healing and soothing properties can also be used to get rid of stretch marks.


Rub aloe vera gel on the affected area.

Leave it for fifteen minutes. Then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.



Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that foster growth and restoration of skin cells and this can be helpful in getting rid of stretch marks.


Cut a medium sized potato into thick slices.

Take one of the pieces and rub gently on affected area.

Allow the potato juice to dry on the skin for a while and rinse with lukewarm water.



Olive oil has been trusted as an excellent skin moisturizer because of its hydrating and cooling effect. It is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that heal a variety of skin disorders.


Heat the olive oil slightly before applying on the skin.

The warm oil promotes good circulation of the blood and this in view reduce the appearance of the marks.

There is no need rinsing off the oil because it is a great moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and supple.



Cocoa butter is an exceptional moisturizer. It is known for its anti aging properties. It promotes circulation of blood and this reduces stretch marks.


Take a tablespoon of cocoa butter and massage on affected portion gently.

Do this twice a day for at least two months until you notice an improvement on your skin.



Although these are all natural remedies, you should realize that there are some instances when skin irritation may occur particularly when you fail to follow the right amount of ingredients in preparing the mixture. It is best to follow the instruction carefully to avoid overdoing the application of these natural remedies.


I hope you have learned from these series; wish to hear your feedbacks.

Thank you!


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