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    To grow healthy requires proper identification with knowledge, which they call real wisdom; Application of knowledge produce the desired result, and your habit is the best mechanism that produce this much craved healthy life. And don’t just learn it, force your children to do them, to keep their health for the future. When you teach children healthy life styles, it passes on to generations and sickness get eradicated along the hereditary chain.

    What actually does Vitamin C do to the body?

    One of the most popular vitamins for the body (chemically called Ascorbic acid); you might have heard about it several times, but will tell you its exciting roles in the body and where you get it daily, weekly or in season. Therefore if there’s a need to take more of Vitamin C for a particular ailment, note them and can also be added to the prescribed supplement in the pharmacy or hospital.

    Indispensable roles of Vitamin C

    a. Skin Wrinkles. It helps in production of more collagen in the body; a biochemical substance in the skin, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, cartilage and bones. Decreased collagen leads to reduction in tensile strength and rigidity; it’s easily seen when the face or skin begin to wrinkle.

    b. Support production of Energy. Ascorbic acid leads in the production of amino acids in the body responsible for transfer or transport of fatty acids into the mitochondrion; a site for generation of energy in the body cells.

    c. Neurotransmission and brain functions. Vitamin C makes it easy for impulses to be sent to all parts of the body. When impulses move freely from the brain to all parts of body, thinking, assimilation, fitness and perfect state of mind is guaranteed.

    d. Ascorbic acids promote transportation of Calcium ions into all bones in the body and prevent loss from the bones. Remember calcium is most important for strong bones.

    e. It controls the immune system through maintenance, activation and reactivation of the body defense system against impurities as well as other foreign substances.

    You can vividly see that life without Vitamin C leads to frequent infections,wrinkled skin (making you look older than your age),  weak bones (scurvy), low energy for activities, slow wound healing and weak memory.

    The foods with Vitamin C

    1. Apricot

    The native Chinese fruit has 6mg of Vitamin C; special because, despite the acidic nature of the fruit; the acidity decreases and sugar content increases as it ripens.

    2. Oranges

    The most popular of the citrus family; one orange contains 30 mg of Ascorbic acids. Other constituents include Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron. Its valuable in management of bones and teeth diseases because it facilitates the entry of calcium into the bone cells.

    3. Banana

    The monkey’s favourite fruit; it keeps the kidney healthy. It has 7 mg of ascorbic acids. Taking it regularly helps to boost the Vitamin C level especially when combined with supplements.

    4. Grape

    Another popular fruit in the citrus family know for its ability to revitalize the body system; contains 31 mg of Vitamin C, just a little more than Orange.  It also have Calcium and Phosphorus. Excellent in managing Heart diseases, migraine, sores, constipation and kidney troubles.

    5. Gooseberry

    Its one of the fruit with highest quantity of natural Vitamin C and very beneficial in diabetes. It contains 600 mg of Ascorbic acids. The quantity of the vitamin increases when extracted from the fruit. The Indians are considered  very lucky to have the fruit in abundance.

    Other  Fruits

    6. Jambul fruit

    It know for its strong  effect on the pancreas and therefore used in treatment of diabetes. It has 18 mg of Vitamin C , but caution should be taken because excess consumption of Jambul is bad for the throat and chest as accumulation of sputum occurs.

    7. Lemon

    The citrus fruit is very essential in medicine because it contains 39 mg of Ascorbic acid and Citric acid. It has a lot of functions especially in prevention of cancer in both male and female.

    8. Pawpaw (papaya)

    Pawpaw to your surprise contains 57 mg of vitamins; even more than oranges and the vitamin increases as the fruit ripens; making it good fruit to aid digestion, menstrual irregularities and treatment of liver problems (like Cirrhosis) caused by alcohol or malnutrition. It can be taken as breakfast , desserts and salads to get the best level of nutrients that prevents sicknesses.

    8. Lime

    63mg of Vitamin C is present in lime and others like Citric acid, Natural sugar, Calcium and Phosphorus. Management of acute tonsillitis, Common Cold, Bleeding piles and scurvy.

    There are also plants (vegetables) that has Vitamin C, just continue to keep a date with us. We always want you to make the best use of the nature; it provides all your need to survive. Make this foods your hobby and stand tall health-wise; for any advice or questions. Feel free to contact us on our social media angles or, or Call/SMS to +2349068888027, +2348063529019, +2348126714555.

    Wealth plus health is sweet…


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