Natural foods that can boost your blood



The blood can be likened to the fuel that keeps the body system running at any point in time. It is responsible for breathing (respiration), hormonal secretions, digestion, clotting of wound, ability to stand firm during menstruation, delivery and other processes in the body.

Why should you work on your blood level?

The blood is responsible for proper respiration. Adequate blood flow in the body makes respiration easy and prevents conditions like asthma and other respiratory challenges.

Adequate blood flow also ensure healthy muscles development, bone density and flexibility for proper movement and coordination in the body and prevent conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid pain, Neuropathic pains and so on.

Adequate blood flow promotes wound healing. When the blood platelets are well secreted in the body, it helps to promote fast healing after any injury on any part of the body.

Organ maintenance. One of the reasons why some organs fail in the body is the insufficient blood flow to them. Therefore it helps to keep the organs functioning well.

Strong immune system. The white blood cell is most responsible for fighting germs and any foreign entity in the body system. In other words they are body protectors. Adequate blood flow keep the body active at all times against foreigners.

High blood level makes it easy for you to donate blood to save lives at any point in time. You might not know at one point in time you might be needed to give body to sustain life in delivery or during surgery.

Natural foods to boost your blood level

Banana. Both the ripe and unripe stimulates the production of heamoglobin in the blood.

Mango. It contains Vitamin C which increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps the formation of new blood cells. It also aids absorption of foods-iron and prevent bleeding tendencies.

Vegetables. It contains so many vitamins and minerals that perform a lot of wonders in the body. It contains Vitamin C which ensures maintenance of blood tissues. It equally contains Iron in high quantity especially producing hemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen in the blood around the various parts of the body.

Beet rot vegetables. It also helps to regenerate and reactivate the red blood cells and helps the normal function of vesicular breathing, which is normal breath sounds.

Onions. They are noted for their easily assimilable Iron content and therefore beneficial to boost your iron content.

Soya beans. Rich in iron helps to increase blood flow and also tackle weak digestion.

Spinach. Spinach has a special quality of high grade iron. After its absorption in the system formation of heamoglobin and red blood cells take place.

Almond nuts. It is made up of 4.5mg of Iron. It also contains copper in organic form at the rate of 1.15mg per 100grams. The copper along with iron and vitamins acts as catalyst in the synthesis of blood heamoglobin.

Honey. The multi-medical agent which has a remarkable in building heamoglobin in the body, this is largely due to the iron, copper and manganese contained in it. It’s also capable of maintaining high balance of hemoglobin and red blood corpuscles. Therefore it should substitute refined sugar in your tea, maize flakes, oak or pap preparation for the healthy benefits to be realized.


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