Miliaria Rubra: The Dreaded Inflamed Skin Condition

miliaria rubra

Good morning to you all. Hope you have had an awesome weekend?

Well, this week we would be dealing with what seems to be dealing with a lot of us now.

The name Miliaria rubra more might seem novel and I guess much wonder that this beautiful name is for the popular disturbing rashes caused as a result of heat.

Heat rashes could generally cause discomfort to the body and even affect one’s appearance. Militia is on the outburst with this heated period. Due to the present situation of the climate and variably the weather, there has been serious and increased onset of heat rashes.

These rashes appear as inflamed skin that occurs when pores become clogged and cannot expel sweat. We would be dealing with Miliria rubra often called prickly heat. This is common amongst all age groups. It occurs especially in hot conditions causing itchy or prickling sensation and is caused by:-

  1. i) Wearing tight fitted clothes
  2. ii) Sitting too close to a fire or heater

iii) Being overweight or obese

  1. iv) Illness and immobility
  2. v) Excessive exercise or rigorous tasks without cold showers

Dealing with those heat rashes that affect your look; you have to

1) Avoid Tight Fitted Wears

As prickly heat occurs when the pores in the skin are clogged and can’t expel sweat; tight fittings would further help to clog the skin and prevent it from ‘breathing’. The skin gets ‘suffocated’ and thus causing an outburst of inflammation. To avoid prickly heat; reduce having to wear clinging and tight fitted wears.

2) Have regular cold baths

Counter the effect of this weather by having cold baths when necessary. For every time you have a bath, you relieve your skin pores of blockage and doing that helps reduce Miliria rubra.

3) Avoid the use of oil-based cosmetics

These would further block the skin pores. Oils are basically of higher molecular weight than water; so the heavier nature of oils helps to worsen the blockage of skin pores caused by accumulated heat during the hot season. So, do your skin a favour by avoiding the use of oil-based cosmetics.

4) Use of creams with drying effect

This can also help to soothe the skin cause of the drying effect it possesses. However, this might not be beneficial to those who already have a dry skin.

5) Keep the blinds open. The wall and bricks above much heat during the day and radiate it at night when the atmosphere is cool obeying the law of convention. So it’s advisable to open the windows to cross ventilate the rooms.

6) Hydrate regularly to avoid heat exhaustion. Taking water more than before will make in cope with heat and keep the skin fresh and healthy.

7) Apply zinc talc regularly. Regular use of dusting powder after bath at night could help to overcome heat reaction on the skin.


Finally, to all my readers whom I would always love to have a blemish free skin; I would say; ‘Stay cool and fight away that inflamed condition of the skin called Miliaria rubia.

Do have a cool week ahead of you. Hope to meet you again next week on this page in another edition. Also follow us on social media.




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