Things to do when you reach menopause or in menopausal symptoms
Menopause; how to effectively cope with it

Menopause is an eventually stage that works the end of female active reproductive cycle in every women. In some women it comes early while some experience it late.

Menopause is also an eventual end to ability to produce egg that makes you give birth to offspring.

What happens in menopause?

In menopause, hormonal imbalance occurs and is characterized by decrease in the production of estrogen, testosterone and increase progesterone in the body leading to various symptoms.

What happen when you approach menopause.

  • Arthritis: a research has shown that when menopause and ageing factors are produced , it leads to development of arthritis especially when ageing factors are produced early .
  • Peripheral neuropathy: neuropathic pain is a sign of menopause. Irregular pains at the extremities which gives a feeling of loose of blood at the extremities of foot and hands.
  • Chest pain and Gastroesophagial reflux. These conditions are also menopausal symptoms but largely determined by lifestyle.
  • Dry vaginal. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for lubrication of the vaginal during sexual intercourse and after. The cervical mucus gland and skene gland is stimulated to produce bartholin as a result of the secretion of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. An imbalance in these hormones leads to a less secretions from the vagina and so becomes dry.
  • Reduced sexual activity. A dry vagina makes sex painful and tends to make you lose interest in enjoying the pleasures of sex.
  • Hot flashes. Menopause produces internal hotness either during heat or not. These symptoms could make you feel uncomfortable and also make you assume you got fever in malaria. Proper diagnosis will help to different the illness.
  • Dry skin and eye. This observed in women above mostly above 55yrs. Sometimes the skin looks scaly and the eye produces less secretion.
How to manage these symptoms

1. Reduce stress. Excessive physical and mental activities can predispose you to arthritis and chest pain and exacerbate menopause. It also possible of making you looks old before the required age.

2. Check-up on Omega3-fatty acid. Omega-3-fish oil regulates hormonal secretion; makes it a recommended drug in hormonal imbalance. It also essential in the treatment of inflammation caused by arthritis as well as peripheral neuropathy; Vitality is promoted especially when combined with Vitamin E.

3. Exercise regularly. Fatigue in menopause make these symptoms worse and can alter   systemic circulation especially causing damage to vital organs like liver, heart and lungs. Exercise removes any complications caused by fatigue.

4. Medical check-up. This helps to prevent chronic diseases like cervical cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, intestinal cancer and other disease that early detection is keys in their treatment. It is very important to note that most cancer in women is caused by hormonal imbalance. So therefore your hormonal secretion pattern must be monitored; hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

5. Visit a sex therapist. In menopause, sexual desires and fear of painful sexual can make you lose interest. A sex therapist helps you tackle challenges with enjoying sexual pleasures at any point in time.

6. Use lubricants. A dry vagina is hydrated with lubricants and increases sexual sensitivity in the vagina. Also encourage your partner to use lubricated condoms which improves fun at any time.

7. Take folic acid and vitamins B16 regularly as they help to relieve menopausal symptoms.

Old age is enjoyed when you step up to tackle menopause and maintain healthy lifestyle….



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