Medical diagnosis: A stepping stone to your recovery

medical diagnosis

Welcome to this page and to a short study on medical diagnosis that would interest you.

According to Wikipedia, Medical Diagnosis is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person’s symptoms and signs’. This information is typically collected from a history and physical examination of the person seeking medical care. The first recorded examples of medical diagnosis are found in the writings of Imhotep (2630-2611 B.C) in ancient Egypt. Even Hippocrates was known to make a diagnosis by tasting his patient’s urine and smelling their sweat.

Disgusting! You might say.

Well, I would point out some few things about complementary tests which are beneficial when;

1) Different ailments have similarly system.

2) Treatment isn’t helping and there is a need for further treatment.

3) There is a need to check the progression of disease.

4) There is a need to check the progression of treatment.

The complementary tests include,

  • Physical Examination: – Also known as check-up, it is the process by which a medical professional investigates the body of a patient for signs of disease. This test usually includes checking vital signs, temperature examination, blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate. The importance of physical examination cannot be underestimated in positive patient outcomes.
  •  Diagnostic Test: This usually confirms the cause or shed light on other previously overlooked causes. A diagnostic test is any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease .It can also be used to provide prognostic information on people with established disease.

Let me briefly point out some of our faults;

  • How many times do we as physicians confirm the temperature of a baby whose parent complains of the child suffering from fever?
  • How many times do we use pain-relievers on a chronic tooth-ache instead of going for an examination at a dentist’s?
  • How regular are our checkups even when we don’t feel ill.
  • How many times would a woman trying to conceive just conclude that all she needs is clomiphene and vitamin E without a proper knowledge of her hormonal profile just because those drugs helped another trying to conceive?
  • How long would a woman keep trying antibiotics without a proper urine test for diagnosis to check what organism is indicted in the infection and thus know the right antibiotic the organism is susceptible to.
  • How many people would rather keep trying various antihelminths without a proper diagnosis of what worm they are dealing with?
  • For how long would people slump or die in their sleep due to cardiovascular accidents because there was not a check on their blood pressure.
  • For how would those hyperglycemic patients move around with uncontrolled high blood sugar levels undetected till complications arise?

One of the common adages in Nigeria says ‘Health is wealth’ and thus you need to stay informed about the state of your health so you won’t be deformed.

Even in your busy schedule, regular check-ups and proper diagnosis when necessary should be done.

I would end with this, ‘Help yourself, stay informed and remember that proper diagnosis is essential’.

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Till next time when we meet again, Enjoy.


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