Ever heard of glaucoma? Thinking now that you do not need this article because you are neither aged nor with an established eye defect? Thinking you do not need any information on glaucoma? Then you are wrong my friend. Do you know that about 11 to 67 million people have glaucoma locally? Do you also know that the second leading cause of blindness is glaucoma. Before I continue, I would like to say good day to you.

Let me start by giving a brief introduction on this eye disease;

According to Wikipedia, ‘Glaucoma is an eye disease; characterized by an unstable or a sustained increase in the intraocular pressure which the eye cannot withstand without damage to its structure or impairment of its function’.

There are different types of glaucoma and they include;

a) Normal-tension glaucoma

b) Closed angle glaucoma

c) Open-angle glaucoma

Its symptoms include severe eye pain, blurred vision, mid-lateral pupil, eye redness and nausea.(

Running away from glaucoma in the future, then you need to know what these things do too;

1) Indiscriminate Use Of Eye drops

Do you know that indiscriminate use of eye drops can cause increased ocular pressure over a period, especially eye drops that contain steroids? Well, it does if you had not come to the knowledge of this till now.

Many a time, patients demand for steroidal eye drops for mild allergies or redness of the eye of which there could be better alternatives; but since they have refused to visit the eye doctor which would have prescribed those better alternatives they further abuse these steroidal eye drops. Please if guilty of this, do make sure you stop and help spread the news against this indiscriminate use so that increased ocular pressure and furthermore glaucoma would not come lurking in the eyes of people.

2) Family History, Age and Pre-existing Eye Defect.

Do you have a family history of glaucoma? Are you above 40 years or farsighted?;Then a regular eye pressure check up would be a good suggestion. Do you know that lots of aggravated cases of glaucoma would have been made better if and only if the increasing eye pressure was properly managed before. If your response to the aforementioned questions on this point is an affirmative, then you are really a first class candidate on the airplane of ‘regular eye-pressure check’.

3) High blood pressure and diabetes.

Uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes lead to end-organ damage and the eyes are one of the first target organ for this damage from uncontrolled blood pressure and diabetes.

I remember a case in the pharmacy of a woman who complained of feeling heavy in her eyes; she did not have any history of eye problem prior to that time so her complaint was suspicious. She wasn’t an established patient on the chronic monsters ‘hypertension’ and ‘diabetes’ so we asked her to immediately check her blood pressure and blood sugar which she did. Guess what my readers? Our suspicion was right; her blood sugar was uncontrollably high at the point. We however directed her to the physician and the good news she gave was that she was actually placed on hypoglycemic drugs (blood sugar glowering drugs) and thence experienced relief in her eyes. We however encouraged her to always check her ocular pressure because her diabetic stage had progressed wantonly.

So the gist is do a regular check-up of your general body and help manage yourself before your organs of which the eye is an important organ becomes affected.

Be careful with your eye health and help preach the gospel against glaucoma and thus safe another person from getting blind as a lot of people are silently getting blind for glaucoma ‘the silent eye-blinder’ is lurking around the eyes of many.

Stay clear of glaucoma my readers; I would need your eyes  fine to read more informative articles on your health.

Looking forward to meeting you again on this page soon. Do take care of your health always.



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