How to improve your memory to do many things at a time

How to improve your memory to do many things at a time

Some people combine a lot of things, it is not their fault, but the way situations appear before us differ. Responsibilities to family, church, work and personal life owing from modern style of doing things could make difficult to strike a balance and be productive.

Everyone is a C.E.O at his own level of operation, but as a head you can’t afford to fail in meeting targets and commitments.

The problem people have with memory and productivity

Activities will always come, but when there are no techniques to tackle them, we fail, because the memory isn’t capable to process all activities with appropriate time.

Do you have problems with keeping things to memory?

The part of the brain responsible for remembering and to keep with schedule is the temporal lobe. One major setback is inability to utilize this part by applying some simple techniques; leads to forgetfulness.

Another reason is under development of this particular part of the brain in which quality signals are not sent to the temporal lobe and as well limit it retentive ability and remember anything he or she handles.

How to work it out
  1. Make lists. Writing out your entire planned move for every week and days before setting out; the use of sticky notes on your desktop or office walls as well study room are very important. These can easily prompt you for major activities.
  2. Use the Reminder on your phone. Prompts from your phone act as an alarm that can help you anywhere you go and it handle enough to tell you what to do. It also provides you with the time of task for execution.
  3. Talk to your friends. If you are married, tell your wife about important assignments; tell her to also remind you. Discussing your schedule with siblings and close pals could also enhance your remembrance.
  4. Keep your mind alert and in shape. When your mind lines with a list of tasks, it makes it impossible to forget and all measures to keep remembering would be well handled.
  5. Make up a sarcastic story. If you’ve got several items to remember and you’re afraid you never remember; no problem, just make up a tale involving your items. This will enhance your possibility to remember.
  6. To remember names, think of faces and other things. It’s always very difficult to remember names especially in a large gathering where you meet people for first time. Look for something unique in everyone face or body, even the dressing, tribe or personality. Merging face and names makes it easier when other methods fail.
  7. Read several times. If you have a problem memorizing a book or facts from a study. Read it many times and use acronyms to depict important concepts.
  8. Categorize your schedule.
  9. Avoid been anxious and reduce your stress level. It can make you forget things easily.
  10. Stay on supplements like Omega-3 fish oil, Vitamin B-complex, Tomatoes, Whole grains, Eggs, Olives, Leafy vegetables.

Productivity is determined by sound health and mind……..



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