These are what happens when you don’t treat worms and how to prevent them


I would start this write-up by saying a good day to you all my readers.

Do you eat meat, vegetables, chew your nails or eat fruit? I am very sure that nobody’s answer to me would be a ‘NO’.

Well, at this junction I would say everybody is then a good candidate of regular treatment of worms. Treating worms is an act of reducing or completely eradicating the worm population you have in your body system.

I would not want to continue without giving a brief description of what a worm is; according to Wikipedia, ‘Worms are many distantly related animals that typically have a long cylindrical tube-like body and no limbs. There are however different types of worm and some could be fatal to man as man is a suitable host (landlord).

Effects of Worms in the body

They cause potential harm and health risks to man with symptoms like nausea, hunger, weakness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, segments of worms possibly moving in the bowel region, food allergies, frequent gas and bloating.

Getting rid of worms   

However, you can help yourself by getting rid of these worms that are a nuisance to your health by curative and preventive means.

The major curative means is by the use of drugs called anthelminths; they are usually very easy to use drugs so compliance with drug dose would not be a problem. This should be done regularly at an interval of 3months.I bet someone is asking himself this question, ‘When last have I actually which drug can I use for worms?’ Ask your health provider of the best anthelminth which would provide you with the broadest spectrum to evacuate a wide range of worms from your system so you would not only treat yourself but also do it effectively.

The preventive means are also an important point I can’t leave out of this piece. They include;


We can help increase population of worms in our system from filthy water sources both the consumable water and that used for domestic purposes within the household

For example is Sister.B (anonymous) goes to a nearby stream to enjoy a cool bath and then unknowingly to her, the in-dwellers of that area had defecated there. Sister.B who is fond of keeping her nails long and biting them gets eggs of worms into her intestinal tract; trapped in her long nails during the bath at the polluted stream source.

This is just an example of many cases. For this cause and other reasons, water sources for drinking and domestic sources are well cared for.


Many a time, in the bid to overcome the lingering hunger for that sumptuous water melon we saw by the road; we eat them without washing. Please, next time you find yourself in such tempting situation, consider the plausible long-term harm of that ‘brief fruit temptation’ and make sure it is properly washed before consumption.

Do same to your vegetables and make sure your vegetables are properly cooked.


Ensure your hands are properly washed as often as possible and especially after a visit to the toilet, cleaning, and handling of pests and after general farm jobs too.

Well my dear readers, I am sure as read in earlier paragraphs; you have seen what harm these worms can cause so just try eradicating the worms if you have not done so in the last three months and evict those ‘evil tenants’ called worms. Do not be a host to worms because they are neither good guests nor tenants.


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Ekundayo Oluwasayomi, Health Counsellor, MPSN
Ekundayo Oluwasayomi is a young Pharmacist known for her creative writing skills which she now combines to counsel patients across Africa. She is a passionate community pharmacist dedicated to the live-well campaign of VetBest Health Network.
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Babs Brainey
Babs Brainey
3 years ago

With the points you discussed, at these the only ways of getting rid of worms? Also are there ways of treating worm infestation outside use of drugs?