How to shave and have a clean face

How to shave without facial infections

The care for every part of the body is very important and conscious effort makes us look good and healthy.

Sometimes when you see a person with a glowing skin, it doesn’t just happen. A lot of precautions applied gives a  healthy and glowing body skin.

The skin

The skin is the largest organ outside the body, which is very sensitive to antigen; an antigen could be a drugs, foods, injuries or foreign bodies like bacteria or virus.

The common antigens are virus, chemicals, bacteria and injuries; the skin reacts back by development of some forms of acne, and an injury could leave a permanent scar on the skin. There is always a need to treat the skin with utmost priority.

Skin reaction

The skin is very sensitive because it contains a lot of enzymes and receptors which actually  reacts to presence of an unpleasant substances. Some people’s skin could react  as result of allergy to creams, water, paints, dust, perfumes, soaps and insect bites. But we will be focusing on shaving processes that will help your prevent reaction from the skin.

What are the tips to help you shave effectively?
  1. Avoid switching between blades and electric shaver. These two shaving instruments differ in their tensile ability to remove hair completely from the face, armpit and other pubic region. Switching between them can lead to development of acne (pimples); especially on the face and it leads to development of permanent scar. Ensure you are consistent with one type of the shaving instruments.
  2. Use a wide mirror. When shaving , the use of a big mirror provides the opportunity to see every part of the face; this makes shaving perfectly done without leaving one side.
  3. Shave gently. It is advisable that shaving be done on weekend; when you have free times; compared to week days when you have to rush out to work. This will help avoid injuries to the shaved part of the face or any other part of the body. Injuries will cause an inflammatory response from the skin.
  4. Apply Honey or Aloe Vera to the face regularly. Aloe Vera or honey are natural antibacterial; capable of killing germs at any concentration and produce a smoothing effect against acne on the skin. They also remove free radicals; apply them routinely before shaving, like 1 or 2 hours before shaving.
  5. Wash the face with soap before using a shaving instrument. This also kills germs and other pathogen on the grown hair at any part of the body. It is equally important to apply soap after shaving to kill off germ deposits from the shaving instrument.
  6. Sterilize your shaving equipment regularly especially before use. The best is by use of temperature or sterilizing liquids to kill off the germs and other pathogens attached to the instruments.
  7. Use a powder. A powder is an astringent; adding itwill help reduce irritation and above excess fluids on the skin. It also makes shaving smooth when applied before shaving.
  8. Consistency is also key. Shaving regularly with all precautions help to keep you fresh, smooth and confident.

All gentlemen shaves, maintain healthy skin and look more attractive.



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