Cardiac arrest: How to prevent it


The Heart

The heart is busiest organ in the body sand therefore labeled “Engine of the body” ranging from the biggest Liver to the smallest Pineal because as blood flow to the it stops the person die immediately.

Cardiac arrest cause an irreversible damage to the heart and leads to death; in Nigeria there has been popular cases of cardiac arrest especially heroes that had made impacts in the history of Nigeria. And one surprising thing is that these people believed to close to experienced and advanced health facilities. Coach Stephen keshi, a former Nigerian player and African cup of Nations winning coach died of cardiac arrest. Mrs Moji Olaiya, a popular native actress also confirmed died in Canada by Punch Newspaper as a result of cardiac arrest.
The truth you should know

An interesting thing about cardiac arrest is that it doesn’t happen suddenly, some signs would have been observed in the body system. Some signs are unique while some are common because of some practices by the body.

Common causes of cardiac arrest
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Coronary heart failure
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of exercise
  • Ignoring vital signs in the body
  • Wrong drug combinations

This things limits your productivity; making it difficult for you to get carry out many basic function.

This is what to do to prevent cardiac arrest


  • Never ignore signs like constant and sudden chest pain, irregular vision, dizziness, recurrent headache, especially early in the morning, low PCV (Packed Cell Volume).
  • Work on your body weight. It very important that we should always use the weighing scale once in a month to ensure that you don’t exceed the average Body Mass Index (BMI). Ensure you cut down on some foods that causes weight gain carbohydrates, junks predisposes you to gain weight.
  • Reduce stress, especially when you approach 40 years, reduce workload, driving long distance, staying in gridlock for hours, staying in reduce ventilated areas and so on. These practices move you close to cardiac arrest episodes.
  • Engage in physical exercise. A lot of people in Africa still find it difficult to accept and practice this thing. If we can encourage exercise for our adults in Nigeria, hypertension, stroke sand cardiac arrest will drop instantly. Exercise increases blood flow through the vein that have been tight because of age, obesity and other factors.
  • Never take a drug without consulting a Pharmacist. Some drugs can cause lead to cardiac arrest when combined with some other drugs
  • Elevated blood pressure. Once you diagnosed of abnormal high blood pressure, make sure you visit your doctor and pharmacist for proper management of this condition. Get blood pressures measuring kit to properly monitor and report any sign at any time. Also adhere to instruction on lifestyle changes.
  • Control your level of anxiety. Never get over concern about all issue.
  • Pregnancy and complications. Ensure you attend antenatal programs and reports these signs when pregnant.
  • Take a tab of Acetylsalicyclic acid (Aspirin) 75mg at least four times in a month especially if you have reached 40 years.
  • As much as possible seek emergency response and let us all learn how to provide a first aid in an attack.

Stay healthy with a healthy heart……

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