How to identify the real cause of your skin infection.


Well, good day my readers, In this month of July. Of course it is my desire to set your skin to the glowing spree that is why I’m motivated to write this.

Many a time, there are always mix-ups with what origin a skin infection is. I have oft-times seen people using ketoconazole tab (an anti-fungal) for bacterial skin infections and the ironically funny and shocking tale of it all is that for every dose of this anti-fungal is used to treat the bacterial skin infection, there is exacerbation of the skin infection than originally was because the causative organism (the bacteria) must have fortified itself more against the next dose thinking it would be eradicated from the body system and unknowingly to it; it is the wrong drug.

Funny thing is these people always feel it is a drug failure not knowing that it is a drug error. This is one of many drug error as regards this issue. Another common case is the group of people who would take cloxacillin for fungal infections.

Differences between them includes


Bacterial skin infections many a times appear pus-like,a bit hydrated and inflamed unlike fungal infections which are usually scaly with flattened surface. Sometimes they manifest as patches with mild skin discoloration in affected areas


Fungal infections are highly more contagious than bacterial infections.Fungal infections can be contacted via contact with someone whose immune system is not very high at that point.


Bacterial skin infections would never be treated with antifungals and so would fungal skin infection would never be treated with antibacterials.


Fungal infections are usually treated over a longer period than many (not all however) bacterial infections.

This is to say do not compare the fungal skin infection with the bacterial skin infection you had and decide not to adhere and comply with complete drug usage.

The outcome is, the fungal infection might ‘lay fallow’ for a while; but I bet you that it is going to return fully loaded.

Same goes for bacterial skin infections but since  several times (except in complicated cases) the drug dosing for antibacterials is usually for a short time; compliance and adherence usually is not a problem.


For skin infections, there is usually more cases of re-infection with the fungi infections than those caused by the bacteria. However with genito-urinary tract infections, the case is reversed (Wow!!!!!!!!, did I just let a cat out of my bag; because we would see the differences between bacterial and fungal genito-urinary tract infections)

This is just to let you know that self diagnosis of skin infections could be misleading so always make sure you visit a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.


When in primary school, was taught then that the skin beautifies the body and our teacher then made us imagine what we would all look like without our skins (just the skeletal structure). So for this reason skin care mustn’t be taken lightly with the misuse of drugs. It should be done religiously as other delicate parts of the body.

Well,I almost let the cat out of my bag or let me say I partially did.

This gist of bacterial and fungal infections is not over as next week I would help spot out the differences between bacterial and fungal genito-urinary tract infection.

See you all on this page next week. I bet you would not want to be told,so please do not miss out.


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