12 things to do this time of the year to develop a high energy life

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How to develop a high energy life

Successful people in the world will say to make it; you must have the knowledge, infrastructure, hard work and also of importance is high energy level. High energy level is very essential for any activity whether productive or not and even help you balance both.

What does Energy level means?

It is defined as the quantity and quality of internal agility to perform physical, mental and systemic activities. Therefore your energy level is a sign that also determines how healthy you are or not. Why is this true? Majorly because everything your body does require energy; to eat, to read, write, to excrete, for sexual pleasure, to digest foods, to inhale oxygen; you need so much energy to do all. It is therefore expedient that we do or take things that will build up energy in our system.

Energy is not gender specific but only age specific

Both male and female can develop the highest form of energy depending on their life styles and foods intake, age is a factor for energy level; but it’s an advantage and a surprise to people if you Old and still have that natural high energy level for all forms of activities.
Just yesterday, I was in a counseling routine with one of our couple who visits us regularly. I actually invited them after the wife gave us a call for medical advice on an issue. On several cross examination and tests; my team discovered after discussion with the family that the reason why she feels sick after little activities was because of low energy which is also called Fatigue.

What is fatigue?

According to Wikipedia, is a state of complete physical and mental weakness because of excessive exertion or ailment; it is accompanied by reduced energy, lack of motivation and occasional dizziness. The level is what makes fatigue very difficult situation for any one.

How to spark it up?

Irrespective of your job or vocation, these are the best steps to recovery; make them a routine and develop the ability to work, rest and revitalize your body system.
1. Take like 20minutes to cool down before the start of work everyday. It very beneficial when you don’t rush to start the day’s work after arriving the office. It help you relax from pressure on the road, traffic gridlock on your way to work; as well as other unpleasant experiences as well as gather your thoughts for the day’s work.
2. Resolve fights, feuds or arguments on time and  try as much as possible to always avoid fights, arguments, malice with friends and relatives.
3. Always take a vacation every year. It helps you relax your mind and brain. Keep you off stress and pressure from people around you.
4. Lets your meals be made up of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Proteins, carbohydrates and some vitamin like C lights the body system.
5. Reduce watching television and try reading; it energizes the mind and soul.
6. Exercise the body regularly; during the exercise, choose a particular sport, to keep you engaged. Football, Baseball, Basket ball, Lawn tennis, Skating and Athletics keeps you flexible and fit to energize your week.

Other ways:

7. Take your task one after the other; too much thinking occurs when you want to accomplish many tasks at once.

8. Try to always delegate responsibilities to team members.
9. Smoking and excessive drinking of liquor impact negativity on your energy; causing serious fatigue.
10. Avoid skipping meals in the name of dieting, better still take little quantity of the meal.
11. Reduce staying awake between 1am and 6am. Quality sleep is an indisputable tool to vitalizing yourself but don’t oversleep.
12. Take sometimes to walk around your environment. Walking across the garden helps you revitalize and build more agility.

Spice up your body to live long and healthy… Wealth is far better with good health. For any question or consultation, call us on +2348063529019 or +234802129159; also on VetbestConsulatants@gmail.com

1. Hints for high energy life
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