Eating Late everyday? This is how to cope


    If you can’t but eat late every day; do the following to cope with it.

    As economy of different country continue to grow, because of socioeconomic changes. Our lifestyle has followed suite. We get busier, more targets to meet, focus on making more money every day, meetings scheduled to any time of the day including the midnight, work activities around the clock and religious activities also around the clock.

    These things make it inevitable for one to result to eating late at night every day and it naturally becomes our lifestyle that greatly impacts our well-being.

    Timing to eat and Your health

    The period scheduled to eat has effect on the health of every man and woman whether you want to add weight or shed some significant pounds off your system or you so consistent with a balance diet.

    Breakfast is the best meal you shouldn’t invade; it’s expected to kick-start very energy you’ll expend that day. It must be light (in term of measure), rich in glucose and few essential vitamins. The plan is to help build the energy level, increase concentration and  alertness as well as vitality.

    Your launch; is a maintenance plan to keep you going, build your body weight and immunity to promote a healthy life style. It’s expected light if much taken for breakfast or late in the morning. It is also expected quite heavy, if little for breakfast; early or late in the morning.

    Snacking or fruits of various types is best for launch on the average. It helps you keep off the essential natural vitamins, amino acids and other beneficial micro nutrients as well as trace elements maintaining vital organs in the body.

    Dinner: it’s of divergent options by Nutritionists and at the practical level; wrong dinner or partner in taking dinner can greatly affect your health because it proceeds sleep.stomach it’s been responsible for many sicknesses people develop very early the next day or even during the day.

    Dinner must be light when you are to eat very late and necessary precautions taken if it’s heavy and taken early in the evening.

    But these precautions will help you cope even if you want to eat a heavy meal at night.

    Conditions that could occur from eating late

    • Ulcer. A gastrointestinal condition when the lining of their stomach membrane becomes corroded by acid secretion produced from undigested food or slow digestion of food. In most cases gastro esophageal (commonly Chest Ulcer) reflux is most experienced at night or early in the morning. It becomes chronic when not properly managed. Eating late is a leading cause of Chest Ulcer.
    • Indigestion. The food taken at night experience slow digestion because of shut in the system as a result of sleep. Less digestive juice produced as most vital organs goes on rest. It automatically leads to poor digestion of food. Nausea and Vomiting go with indigestion of food depending on the type of food or the nature of the body system.Running excess stools also a result of indigestion as well as gas production giving an odour similar to a spoiled food also occur.
    • Fat belly and obesity. Eating late everyday lead to slow digestion of fats leading to the buildup of cholesterol at the stomach level and other sensitive parts of the body.
    • Kidney stones. Eating late at night make it difficult for you to easily spot “farm debris” in food; after ingesting, the particles settle at the urinary tracts causing a blockage at the kidney or any related part.
    • Fatigue. Excess metabolites build in the body because of inadequate excretion lead to development of fatigue.

    How to Cope with Eating Late Every day

    1. Increase your water intake after food. This helps to aid fast digestion of food and as well; wake up to take a glass of water in the midnight or very early the next day.
    2. Your sleep position. Never sleep on your stomach at night; it leads to indigestion or buildup of cholesterol in the body. Use a comfortable place like sleeping on your back
    3. Don’t rush to eat early the next day. It’s advisable to eat at past 10am the following day. Stick to more fluid
    4. Keep your room cool. Heat exhaustion triggers indigestion especially during dry season. Ensure your sleeping area is well ventilated and conducive for rest.
    5. Exercise regularly. Fatigues is prevented with consistent physical exercise and prevent weight gains lowering your chances of developing conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and other world challenging health conditions.
    6. Take apple and oranges regularly. This natural fruits prevent indigestion, cure diarrhea and removal of excess metabolites that builds up in the body because of poor digestion of food; knowing fully well that undigested food increases in the body system when you eat late often.
    7. Ensure an antacid is close to you. Essential for chest ulcer developing from a reflux of undigested food.
    8. Use a purgative regularly.

    No matter your schedule, you can have a healthy life style and live long…


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