How to handle anyone with psychiatric challenges in your neighborhood

Psychiatric challenges


Psychiatric challenges (mental) comes suddenly and some people fall victims because of some expected or unexpected reasons. Ranges from Psychosis, Mania, Catatonic Epilepsy, Attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Depression; this remains that psychiatric patients don’t bargain for this problem which originates from the brain. Even though it could also be as a result of a reaction to an external factors that makes it worst.

General causes of psychiatric problems

  • Bereavement
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Emotional problems
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse
  • Drug adverse effect
  • Drug interaction
  • Endogenous effect
  • Weather condition
  • Pregnancy
  • Injury or tremor to the brain

How to care or handle this people when found around us;

Avoid stigmatization.

Psychiatric problem is not a contagious disease that warrants them to be quarantined or isolated; they are not caused by an infection. You can share anything with psychiatric people. So the best thing is to show love them love and compaction, discuss circular issues with them; especially issues that can encourage their recovery.

Never abuse them.

Cases of physical and sexual abuse of psychiatric patients have been heard in the past, this further deteriorate the health of these people and reduces their chances of recovery because as a citizen of every country, they have the right to life and anything other entitlement of the country.

Encourage them to do domestic chores

Engaging them in domestic chores helps to improve their mood and coordination especially form patients with depression, bipolar affective disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit disorder and so on. All you need to do is to always supervise them and be kind in correcting their mistakes; make the chores a routine which can latter impact a healthy lifestyle and mentality in them

Help them with their medications

Medication’s compliance is very important for fast recovery and management of psychiatric patients. The regimen differs in so many patients based on the diagnosis, level of ailment, and age. Monitor any adverse reaction to any drug they use or food they take, for example any one on Chlorpromazine (lagactil) will experience an effect called Extrapyramidal side effect which may include turning of the eyes, muscle jerking, rolling of the tongue making it difficult for them to talk, but this side effect could be proper manage by some methods and a medication. Weight gain is also a side effect with their drugs. Also always remind them to use their drugs.

Always ensure they are not left alone.

Every psychiatric is entitled to at least one care giver, that will help them interact with their doctor, pharmacist, nurse and other professional healthcare provider because they might not be able to do all these things because they are not aware of what is happening around them.

Encourage lively activities

These help the mind and mode also; activities like playing football, watching television, exercise, singing, creative works like sewing, drawing can also improve their therapy.

Employ a psychologist

A psychologist is a professional that train people on how to work on the mind in relation to their existing predicaments. This is very good for people who develop psychiatric problems as a result of a reaction to an external factor, emotional/ emotional abuse, anxiety and so on. He will at every point in time put the patient through methods that can naturally aid his or her recovery.

Consult on nutritional supplements

Also ask your doctor, pharmacist, nurse or occupational therapist on supplement that can help to improve brain function and maintenance of neuronal activities. Examples include Fish oil used in schizophrenia, Vitamin B-complex, folic acid, Ginkgo biloba as well as natural foods. They can be used as adjuncts in the treatment of these mental ailments.

We can then smile and make a better world for people with mental challenges…



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