GINGIVITIS, the dreaded gum disease


Gingivitis is an inflammation of gums usually caused by a bacterial infection. As mild as it could be when it begins, it would progress to become a more serious infection known as periodontitis if not treated. Major tooth loss in adults is as a result of gingivitis.

Symptoms include red, tender or swollen gums; gums that bleed when you brush or floss your teeth; pus between gums and teeth; foul-smelling breath that does not go away after you brush your teeth.

I have come again with another story of something that happened some weeks back in the pharmacy; ‘My child’s gum is swollen and he is complaining of serious pains’ mentioned a distressed mother and I said, ‘Can I see it’? Guess, what I saw my readers; well I did see such tender gums infected with Mr.Gingivitis.

     Risk factors for gingivitis
1) Smoking or chewing tobacco

This is a major cause and this is because the periodontal pockets of smokers tend to be more anaerobic and this environment is a ‘welcome home’ to gram-negative organisms which are the major causative organism behind the dreaded gum disease.(

2) Diabetes

In diabetes, blood sugar levels are high and then so is the saliva which in turn would encourage bacteria growth and tugs increasing the risk to gingivitis. A well-managed sugar level would in result lead to the gums being less prone to ‘GINGIVITIS’.

3) Poor Hygiene

Not brushing the teeth regularly and well would lead to trapping of carbohydrates on the gums which would further accumulate causing a plaque which would result to bacteria causing gums and gingivitis.

4) Crooked teeth

With poorly shaped teeth; there is easy access and room for bacteria to thrive cause of the spaces. Not brushing these spaces well would lead to food debris storage in the available spaces and thus encourage the growth of bacteria thereby calling upon Mr.Gingivitis to the gums.

The harms of gingivitis to the dental cavity include;

1) Discomfort as a result of inflamed teeth

2) Progress to peritonitis which is a major cause of tooth loss

3) Worsen the health of an individual with already compromised immunity.

4) Lead to production of foul smell from the mouth


I’m sure you’re exposed to the risk factors that predispose one to gingivitis as read from the earlier paragraphs of this article. Well, it is always said that, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so I would recommend you take care and do manage your teeth well so ‘Mr.Gingivitis’ does not come lurking around for he is not a friend to your dental health.

Do take proper care of your teeth, take proper care of yourself and thus do have a lovely week ahead.

Stay beautiful and handsome with healthy teeth.


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