The Effects of Coffee Drinking on the Brain


    Each year, over 500 billion cups of coffee is drunk. In America, 50 percent adults that are over 18 years of age drink an average of 3 cups of coffee every day. Mainly, because it contains caffeine, which acts upon the body and act as stimulants on the brain, this is the major reason why it’s consumption is on the high side. Most of the effects of coffee on its drinkers are good. I will explain these effects in the next few lines.

    Improves Memory

    Gaia Vince published an article in the “New Scientist” He said, drinking coffee improves your short-term memory. Coffee acts on the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain, which is responsible for goal-directed behavior, planning, evaluating and structuring. This illustration is seen when memory tests were administered to volunteers using sequences of letters flashed quickly on a screen. Specific letters were flashed after the initial sequence, for subjects to determine if they were used in the original sequence. Those given coffee with caffeine had significantly greater activation of the prefrontal lobe and better short-term memory recall.

    Improves Cognitive Function

    A cup of coffee in the morning may help keep your brain functioning normally and protects its cognitive functioning, if you can study yourself very well, there should be a difference on days when you take coffee in the morning and days you go to work without coffee. There would be increased concentration, improved long-term memory, object recognition and increase in locomotor and exploratory activities.

    There would be Increased Alertness

    As you may all be aware, coffee is a convenient pick-me-up and increase mental alertness. A cup of coffee on a good afternoon can give a real good boost, which will help stay alert and productive in the workplace. As I said earlier, the caffeine in the coffee is a stimulant that gives you a sense of elevated energy and alertness.

    Coffee May Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

    Research from different quarters has shown that drinking five cups of coffee daily may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, they concluded that it takes more than a cup to get a protective effect on the brain, therefore, it is suggested that around 500mg of caffeine is needed to impact the brain’s cognitive ability, which is roughly calculated to be five cups in a day; this will now be spread in the whole day depending on your plan.

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    On a lighter note…….

    Coffee has come to stay, starting from the Americas, to Asia and Africa, its consumption is on the high side; there are series of varieties at your disposal, you will find them in tea shops and big supermarkets, but I will always advise  you go for the best, I will not mention names here, because I have no affiliation with any of the coffee company for now, but I bet, there are tonnes of it out there, so be extra careful when shopping to avoid shopping substandard products that will in turn harm your health.

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