Edible Plants that kills or prevents cancer

    The World and battle with cancer

    The world have grown with increasing fear on the number of deaths by cancer. Cancer rate in Africa has doubled in recent years according to oncology department of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yenagoa Nigeria and a lot of brilliant minds have been lost.

    On 7th of June Nigerians always remember the former Director General of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Prof. Mrs Dora Akunyili; the woman who fought against fake and counterfeit drugs in Nigeria; was also lost to cervical cancer in 2013.

    As I’m writing, I also just lost a relative to breast cancer, after the diagnosis, she was advised to surgically remove one of her breasts; after 8 months of removal, the disease spread to the lungs which prevented her from breathing properly before she finally died.

    NGOs and government agencies have started to brain storm on how to cut carcinoma deaths; Many NGOs believe awareness on early screening and detection is the best way; this is actually good, but after its detected, the patient will likely die because the permanent cure for cancer hasn’t been discovered. Most treatment procedure only aim to prolong the life of the patient.

    Challenges of chemotherapy

    Most hospitals employ chemotherapy in managing carcinoma cases. It is expensive; a chemo section cost not less than $40 and it could be repeated six times in a year especially in developing countries. At the end of the section, the patient could even die because of the side effects of chemotherapy.


    As scientists keep working day and night on the solution to cancer cells, it is important I tell you that the best way in this situation is to prevent the body cells from irreversible degeneration.

    What does diet do to Cancer?

    What to do to prevent or destroy cancer at early stage is to combine dietary supplements that can boost your metabolic deficiency with diets that will strengthen your immune system. This method prevents oxidative stress (the metabolic cause of cancer) by restoring a balance in the body’s defense and recovery mechanism of body’s detoxifying process. It works best and for the past 30years now.

    The Edible plants and fruits
    1. Garlic. The garden vegetable of the onion family have been found by experiment to be successful against cancer in both animal and human studies. According to Dr. Airola, a Naturopathic Physician and Nutritionist. A study report tells of mice being infected with cancer cells, and some treated with garlic extract gave a clue. The mice not given garlic died 16 days while the other mice lived for six months. And recent studies done in Russia have found garlic preparations to retard tumor growth not only in animals, but also in human beings, writes Dr. Airola. I therefore recommend families and person to add garlic to their diet periodically.
    2. Ginger. Ginger has two major compounds; discovered to have cancer preventive properties in experiment. They are Gingerol and Paradol; and compounds like shogaols, zingerone also contribute to the chemoprotective activity of ginger. It’s better to include ginger as a spice or a diet tonic for you and your family especially the female child.
    3. Lemon. It has compounds like flavonoid, flavone, limonoid, limonene, nobiletin and tangeretin. The flavonoid, tangeretin and nobiletin are potent inhibitor of tumor cell growth and can activate the detoxifying P-450 enzyme system; Limonoids inhibit tumor formation by stimulating the enzyme glutathione S-transferase (GST). The limonene also possesses anticancer activity. Nibu fruit inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation and delaying of mammary tumorigenesis. It is also used in metastasis and leukemia. Taking Lemon strengthens the immune system from toxins that causes cancer in the body.
    4. Turmeric. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of its many medicinal properties. It’s been discovered to contain compounds like Curcumin, Zingiberine and Curcuminoids. It’s used in treatment and prevention of cancer cases like colon, bladder and prostate cancers, intravesical tumour, fibrosarcoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and oesophagal carcinogenesis.
    5. Bitter melon. Bitter melon leaves, fruits and seeds is capable of destroying cancer cells when added to your diet as well as your family. It contains compounds like linoleic acid, momordin, palmitic acid, proteolytic enzymes and vitamins A&C. it’s used in colon, mammary and bladder carcinomas, lymphoma and leukemia. Get bitter lemon and prevent cancer.
    6. Maize. You won’t believe the maize we popularly consume has ability to prevent cancer by detoxifying the body system. Increase your maize intake today

    You and I using the natural approach can cut cancer deaths all over the world; I will stop here and give you more tips as you follow us.

    We love you and want you to live long and healthy.For any question feel free to consult me with a fee of just $3 to the Prime Vetbest Consultant 0122808847 Wema bank Nigeria. It’s cheap and you will always live healthy with us.



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