Do these things when you have serious cough like the Whooping (pertussis)

Serious Coughing

It’s is the 7th leading cause of death in Africa and in some other parts of the world. It could be dangerous for children, even teenager and adults.

Pertussis becomes rapid and depressing especially when it takes days or weeks. Have you ever seen a cough that makes a child or adult start breathing very fast? It’s simply whooping-cough/pertussis.

When this serious cough starts, the mother could lose ideas on what to do especially at night. The whole houses learn to know that there is someone coughing at a particular house.

It’s accompanied with episodes of vomiting and asthmatic state.

Early signs of serious cough

1.Runny nose
3.Mild cough
4.Sleeplessness in children and adult

This condition has been a major concern in the past and present owing to the number of admissions and out-patient treatment in hospitals and community pharmacies; just at my center for practice, not less than 5 cases reports every week. Another fact is that recovery could take time and prevalence is high during the rainy season, giving a reason why everyone should always take precaution because whooping-cough and other sickness takes the rise in this season.


A vaccine for whooping is given to a patient as a preventive measure to combat the spread but research has shown that despite this, you could still develop pertussis but the experience is just minimal. The best; is when you aware of the home remedies that can stop pertussis on an unexpected night/ day.

Home Remedies in Serious cough

Making home remedies could be tiring especially if you are not use to the method or if there is no video to easily make a perfect description, but don’t worry; these methods are simple and precise.

  1. Garlic

It is an excellent garden vegetable which produces a magical antiseptic effect; a potent food and antioxidants, used for so many years. It also contain high percentage of minerals, vitamins and trace elements like Iodine, Sulphur and Chlorine making it a confirmed remedy in condition like Asthma, deafness, bronchial congestion, gall stones troubles and arteriosclerosis.

Garlic in this serious cough is prepared by soaking few sliced part in water for 12 hours, 10mls is measured and taken three times daily.

2. Ginger

The cough drastically reduces on administration and allows fresh air to the patient. It also eradicates digestive system disorder and tuberculosis.

Mixing ginger with honey is an excellent diaphoretic mixture which reduces fever in   whooping-cough and influenza. Slice a peeled a tuber of ginger and soaked in water. After 5 hours the solution is mixed with honey; 10mls is taken four or five times in a day.

3. Ensure your baby stays in aerated room; in situation of an emptied lungs. Make sure there is ventilation to reduce tightness of the chest.

4. Have a taste of almond nut and orange juice, another sweet receipt that reduces pertussis.

Signs to watch when you caring for your child or adult
1.Fever and chills
2.Breathing pattern
3.Frequency of cough
4.Production of phlegm
5.Skin appearance and

7.Stomach discomfort

H.K Bakhru

Pages 119,122 and 184
Foods that heal, the natural way to good health

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