Disease conditions that can never seize to happen to you


State of Health

Truly a healthy state is the best feeling aside from getting a bank alert; it is also a fact, that you could be sick irrespective of your skin, race, background, age and personality; at one time or the other you will fall ill due to poor healthy practices, by carelessness or and environmental factors.


Disease conditions

Some factors responsible for illness are specific to some regions in the world and hereditary because of family tree, but there frequency is controllable. It’s not really bad to fall sick; the body can be compared to a system that could get weak or break down because of wear and tear.


There are Some diseases can never be eradicated irrespective of the level of sanitation and carefulness. They are;

Common cold: irrespective of your strong immune system, you could still fall down with the viral infection. But the frequency of occurrences could be limited by best healthy practices.



Vaginal infection: it is caused by sexual transmission or by a change in pH. Some unknown factors can lead to that change in pH, so vaginal infections could occur irrespective of how careful you are.



Uncontrollable peristalsis: Your Gastrointestinal tract can be irritated by food or presence of any substance in the body system. This is unpredictable because our foods cannot be 100% sterile all the time.




Challenges in Pregnancy: Every woman’s dream is to carry their baby one day; but pregnancy comes with diverse unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, edema, tiredness, spitting, migraine headaches, backache, recurrent ulcer and many other symptoms. There is no way you can stop or prevent these symptoms; when they come, you manage them.



Stomach pain: Aches in the stomach could be caused by many things but primarily as a result of a spasm inside the stomach or acid secretions. These two occur due to foods or careless healthy practices; and these practices are unconscious. Therefore could happen any time. Also not that your eating pattern could also make you develop stomach pains.


Body pains: Irrespective of how careful you might be, you will experience pain at a particular part of the body because of your hobby or routine as well as your work.

Ineffective vision: as you grow with age, your sight reduces with age no matter the number of supplements you take. But the supplements will only make you cope well at old age.

Allergies: our level of exposure will decide whether you will have an allergy or not; also the way we were made. Everyone has one allergy or the other and it is specific to you. Allergy is by our genetic makeup.


We all are human even the most experienced doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals fall sick, but prevention will remain better than cure.


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