Dehydration: Do You Know The Dangers

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We clamor on the need to always take water regularly. I want to point your attention to the health problems you can create for yourself when you don’t take enough water.

Dehydration and the basic truths

Dehydration happens when you lose much water in the body without proper and constant replacement which prevents the organs in the body to perform the usual function.

Infants and children are especially prone to dehydration since their bodies are composed of 70% and 65% of water respectively. That is why children easily get very weak in an episode of vomiting or stools.

You actually feel thirsty when you have lost 20% of water content in your body.

Most beverages companies tell you to take that will help you replenish electrolyte during exercise or outdoor activities are good but will not fully replenish them. Ensure you follow them with enough water.

Water is the greatest substance that ever existed.

No other substance has worked optimally like this. It can naturally hydrate you at any point in time and bring into play a balance in the body.

Signs of Dehydration

  1. Bad breath. The saliva in the mouth has some antibacterial properties which are very beneficial to the body. The body produces less saliva when dehydrated. Therefore leading to growth of bacteria in the Buccal (mouth) region.
  2. Fever and chills. Water in the body is equally responsible for the balance of temperature through homeostatic process. Therefore fever could be high when there is less water in the body system.
  3. High demand for sweet things. When the body is dehydrated, some organs like the liver find it difficult to store and reconvert glycogen to glucose. Therefore the person starts to crave for sweet things.
  4. Muscle cramps. Increase in temperature and less oxygen in the system causes the muscle to stiff especially during physical exercise as also the electrolyte level in the body changes.
  5. Headaches. The brain is inside a fluid sac that keeps it from bumping against the skull. According to Higgins, if that fluid is depleted or run low because of dehydration, the brain can push up against parts of the skull causing severe headaches.
  6. Dry skin. In dehydration, as the skin sweats, water is lost rapidly, but the more you become dehydrated, less volume of blood flows into the skin region leading to dizziness and the skin look very dry.
  7. Coloured urine. Dehydration changes the color of the urine from pure white or colourless to yellow or pale because of an imbalance in the homeostasis.

Why do we get dehydrated?

How to prevent Dehydration and live well

  • Always take enough water. Water remains the best solution to dehydration. It should come first before any fluid. Form the habit of taking water very early in the morning and not less than 8 glasses of water in a day.
  • Take other fluids occasionally. This may provide temporal form to dehydrate. Fluids like soda, nutritional solutions and fruit juices more often.
  • Stay away from Alcohol and Nicotine. Alcohol has a chemical ability of absorbing water or any essential fluid in the body causing you to easily excrete it out of the body. That why alcohol makes you urinate a lot. This may lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body.
  • Take diuretics with caution and other drugs. Diuretics are used to remove excess water in the body and use in the management of Hypertension. Always consult your Pharmacist or Doctor when you are using these drugs. Tell them any side effect you notice from the first day you start using the drug.

‘’Those little things we ignore about our health counts a lot, take note and live healthy’’.

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