Why the world is riding to a state where we might blame ourselves later.


This article is dedicated to the World day to combat Desertification and Drought.

What is Desertification?

Desertification is the persistent degradation of dryland ecosystems by variations in climate and human activities. Home to a third of the human population in 2000, drylands occupy nearly half of Earth’s land area. Across the world, desertification affects the livelihoods of millions of people who rely on the benefits that dryland ecosystems can provide.

Why the world is riding to a state where we might blame ourselves later.!

A new Satellite Image has shown how the earth is changing to manage in surviving as a result of human activities. Though modernization and urbanization are a blessing, but we should now know the great advantages it’s doing to us in as much as we can’t leave the earth to another planet.

Why the earth is managing to survive.

The basic reason is because of several human activities that is causing a lot of damages to the ecosystem causing an imbalance in the usual pattern of the earth. It’s just like saying “the sun will start shining at night together with the moon”. This in-balance leads to desertification, drought, flooding, food shortage, erosion, wild fire, volcanoes, quakes and many more. But I’m going to major on desertification and drought in this piece.

What is Desertification?

It is a process of making a tropical island (like Africa and other continent) to a place where nobody can live.

Drought and Desertification

A tropical island can become inhabitable because of the lack of water (called drought) that will be needed to support human life, animals and growth of plants used as food. It also scenario that a fertile land gradually becomes infertile because the soil loss water and natural nutrients dies off.

Tropical Island (fertile lands in Africa) —————————> infertile land (desert)

Countries in the world that have experienced drought and desertification

India, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Iran, Uganda, Morrocco, Somalia, Pakistan, China, USA

What causes desertification and drought? 

Water drying up from the soil and causing the nutrients to die off is caused by human activities that what we all are doing to the environment and atmosphere. If care is not taken the worst of quakes, wild fires, drought, food scarcity, flooding are in the corner.

Human activities include the following;

  • Over cultivation of the land
  • Overgrazing by animals
  • Deforestation (falling of tress)
  • Insecurity
  • Emission of carbon into the atmosphere

Natural disaster and climatic changes conveniently cause desertification.

Health Effect of Desertification and Drought

  1. Respiratory disease. The buildup of dust and other atmospheric pollutants increases as desertification begin to set in and this is what had been accounting for the alarming increase in respiratory diseases.
  2. Spread of infectious diseases, as the population will migrate to better places because of overcrowding.
  3. Water and food born disease. Scarcity of water and food leads to non-hygienic foods and water system leading to the presence of microorganisms in food and water. Diseases like typhoid and other gastro intestinal disease become prevalent.
  4. The young population is most at risk of this, as water dries up the soil, less food will be produced as some countries in Africa and other parts of the world are experiencing famine.

What to do to prevent this World coming tragedy

Natural fix

  • Plant anything around you.
  • Let us all embrace alternative source of energy. For example stop cooking with coal, sticks or stove, gas burners are better; Solar is also an alternative source of energy
  • Inside of driving sometimes, take a walk to your destination
  • Let us reduce Water Borehole construction as source of water if the government provides source of water.
  • Avoid bush burning.
  • Keep a clean environment

To the Government

  • Creat realistic Policies for Land use and Land allocation.
  • Government should work more on educating the people on all aspect that will preserve the ecosystem.
  • Government should emphasize more on Renewal sources of energy
  • Government should also collaborate with the law enforcement agencies to monetized offenses against the environment.

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