Body changes in Pregnancy and How to Manage them


For the ladies out there, you single and you might say “I don’t want to enter any relationship, or marriage is not on my mind for now”. But when this time comes, don’t be caught in anxiety because you are ignorant.
With my upfront experience and intellectual researches in Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy, it’s been interesting to see that there are several challenges women battled as you test positive to conception.
Believe me, some changes in pregnancy that won’t be simply clear even to your partner.
Follow me on the series, promise to be very interesting and enlightening.
Not just for ladies alone, gentlemen don’t miss out.

Challenges in Pregnancy: The Breast

Swollen breast is a sign of menstruation or pregnancy, but as pregnancy progresses the breast become fuller, even to a cup size because of milk production and fats that has been built up.

“Then after delivery the breast is very full”

During pregnancy some people experience a condition in which the nipple become flat; it’s called Inverted nipple and it could be very thick or even thick out. Just use the maternity bra which could make d nipple stick in or you see a lactation consultant.

At some particular times there could be some thick discharge from the breast. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy, the discharge is always yellowish and thick, It’s called COLOSTRUM; don’t be afraid when it comes or if don’t experience it.

Note: if your breast doesn’t full up through pregnancy, hurry up to see a doctor or lactation consultant. You and your Baby will be fine.back pain in pregnacy

Back pains in Pregnancy

Back pain is caused by strain on the muscles in the back. Stretched and weakened muscles in the abdomen (which support the spine). Sometimes back pain could be a signal of an infection, but in pregnancy its primary as a result of pressure exerted by the foetus development.

Tips to lessen the pains are presented in the slides below;

And lastly, keep your things within reach. Good health is guaranteed

Frequent Urination

The number of times your bladder becomes full and you rush to release could get you
astonished, some pregnant women will begin to panic and assume they have a failed kidney(s).
What happens basically is that the uterus pressurizes your bladder; according to American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, at the last stage of pregnancy the baby’s position makes him rest on the bladder causing the feeling and frequent urination.
In addition fluid deposit increase when your baby begins to develop. The good thing about these is that the kidney helps to filter out waste faster at this time.
To get better, try to cut down on tea, coffee and cola but don’t reduce fluid intake because it can curtail vital fluids in your body.
It’s also advisable to always squat anytime you are in the toilet, it help to prevent pelvic floor prolapse and avoid constipation and hemorrhoid.

Edema in Pregnancy

Edema sounds like a native family name in Ondo state of Nigeria. Edema is simply called swelling and during pregnancy swelling occurs in the face, ankle, feet, knee and hands.

This swelling occurs because of extra fluids production in the body as I pointed out in the third series of changes in pregnancy; that fluid production increases during pregnancy.

Management of Swelling
1. Always raise your legs to avoid fluids from draining down to the bottom half of the body.

  1. Avoid the use of drugs for swelling without the consent of your doctor or pharmacist, and report to them any abnormal swelling because sometimes high blood pressure could be indicated. Live well and keep your baby….

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