Falling Sick and Challenges to Living Healthy- Series 1


Challenges to Healthy living as it is now

It is a pity that falling sick with of so many common and uncommon diseases is the most recent experience. A lot of people come down with most preventable diseases conditions. We get easily affected by some living organisms (pathogen) that perpetrate havoc on our health.

The mortality rate is so high in this part of the world because of our activities and lifestyle.

The Environment as a key to why we are always falling sick

The reason we are falling sick is not far fetched, it’s basically the way we treat our environment. The way we treat the environment is the same measure the environment will give back to us. We can never live outside our environment, so the environment will always have a direct influence on our well being.

How to maintain a healthy environment

Stop bush burning.

Burning release a poisonous gas called Carbon monoxide (CO) into the atmosphere, it’s toxic to the lungs, which when inhaled can cause disease conditions like Hay fever (allergic rhinitis), Asthma, Pneumonia and other respiratory infections. More so CO causes depletion of the ozone layer leading to an increase in the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet ray which is toxic to the skin. Bush burning on the long run will hinder us from living healthy.

Dispose waste wisely.

Proper waste disposal prevent infestation by insects and pest that are carriers of disease causing living organisms (pathogens) in our surroundings. They include rats, mice, weevils, houseflies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and so on. They graze the refuse and contaminate both our prepared and unprepared food causing malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, ameobiasis, giardiasis and other intestinal infections. Keep used cans, wrappers, foods and other refuse in portable waste bags.

Plant trees.

This helps to preserve the ecosystem, provide more oxygen for our immediate environment as well provide natural food us. An increase supply of oxygen in turn improves the ventilation in your surroundings and prevents respiratory complications like respiratory infection, suffocation and living healthy is guaranteed.

Governmental laws.

Government should make laws through their legislative arms, laws that will protect the environment at every period of time. Activities that pollute the environment should be sanctioned. Ministries of Environment as well as Forestry should be empowered to provide social welfare amenities for their workers and provide advanced equipment for recycling of waste products so as to improve our standard of living healthy in Africa and other neighboring continents.

Be conscious of your source of water.

Ensure our water source is clean and reliable before using to cook or drink to keep water of water born diseases.

Stay healthy and live long…..


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