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Proteins; Sources, Functions and Benefits

It is derived from a Greek word proteos meaning primary. Proteins are the major component of any living organisms. Proteins are formed by the...
antimicrobial resistance

There is Always Antimicrobial Resistance; WHY?

The body system cries out for antimicrobial resistance while the micro-organisms, thus implicated jubilate right within them. Before I continue, let's decipher the true meaning...
Zika Virus

Zika Virus: Transmissions, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Zika Virus? Zika is a type of virus that is spread by the bite of aedes species of mosquito. Wikipedia explains Zika virus...
benefits of apple

Apples and Your Health: The Health Benefits

Welcome to this new week. We would fruitfully start this week with this ‘fruity fruit’ called apple. Malus domestica as the apple fruit is...

How to know when you have hypotension

How to detect you have hypotension at a point One of the common medication condition affecting the tropics and savannah is Malaria. Some of the countries...


  Cat fish and its health benefits Animals have long time been the second source of foods for healthy nutrition; and also a source of medication...
Stroke patient

Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke). What you should know about it.

  What is Stroke? A stroke or cerebrovascular accident is a type of brain injury. This injury is mostly caused by blockage or rupture in the...
heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke:The Warning Signs

In days when there are unfavorable climatic changes, places on the globe which are naturally cool are now extremely hot and vice – versa....

3 Herbs That Offer a Variety of Healing Benefits

If you cook, you probably flavor your recipes using a variety of fresh herbs. But did you know that many of these herbs have...
breakfast importance

Why you must not miss your Breakfast

So many people start their day without food. The adults take a quick cup of coffee and an increasing number of children get to...
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