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benefits of apple

Apples and Your Health: The Health Benefits

Welcome to this new week. We would fruitfully start this week with this ‘fruity fruit’ called apple. Malus domestica as the apple fruit is...
garden egg


Let me start this week’s article with this question. Is garden egg a fruit? Read on to know how eating eggplant can be of great...
types of stress

Stress: The Meaning and the Types

The term stress is a complex topic which cannot be discussed in a single and short article except you are set for a long...
dangers of untreated diabetes:diabetes death

What You Should Know about Death and Diabetes

  Death and Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic, often debilitating, and sometimes fatal disease that occur when there are problems with the production and use of...


Treating Malaria Artemether/Lumenfantrine is arguably the most popular antimalarial therapy, an Artemisinin-based combination therapy indicated in treatment for uncomplicated malaria caused by P. falciparum alone or...

Effects of Onions in Cancer Prevention

Hello. How’s the week going? Today we are talking about a vegetable with great benefits, which a lot of people do not eat raw...
advantages of eggs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Eggs

As I always say when it comes to maintaining balance between the good and the bad, moderation is always the surest way. Eggs contains...
common cold in winter and harmattan

7 Ways to Live Strong In Harmattan And Winter Season

  Live Strong In The Harmattan And Winter Season This is a season that we have a fug atmosphere with dry and very cold air. Equipments...
breakfast importance

Why you must not miss your Breakfast

So many people start their day without food. The adults take a quick cup of coffee and an increasing number of children get to...

7 Important Food Supplement for Your Kid’s Diet

Supplement is the best alternative for our kid"s food in case of shortage of nutrient if we really value the health of kids.  If...
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